Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Une petite leçon dans l'arithmétique,-et le français,-pour Jules

Hier, Jules avait dit, "À propos, je trouve qu'un de ces mangos ressemble plus, des pastèques !!! "
Je veux savoir, vers lequel mangue a fait-elle regarde; combien d'eux étaient dans la photo; et comment font nous décidons, lequel d'eux est plus désirable?
Aujourd'hui, j'ai trouvé la réponse. Je constate que les garçons aiment des mangues et que les filles aiment des pastèques.
Moi. J'aime tous les deux; ils tous les deux ont un goût merveilleux. La taille n'est pas importante!!! Ici met fin à la leçon ?
The solution to a girl's dilemma.
Yesterday, Jules had said, "By the way, one of those mangoes looks more like watermelons to me!!!"
But, I want to know, which mango was she looking at; how many of them were in the photo; and how do we decide, which of them is more desirable?
Today, I have found an answer. I find that boys love mangoes, and that girls love watermelons.
Me. I love both; they have a marvellous taste. Size is NOT important!!! Here endeth the lesson ?


Michael Salone said...

Oh my! I can see this post is going to get interesting. Wait until Lynn finds out.

I'm back in Singapore after a nice week in Bali. It really was lovely as you said, and the people were very friendly.

Maybe next time it will be Adelaide, but I can tell you I'm already getting excited to go home. It has been a long 2 weeks, but nice to have the sun.

Me, I discovered as a boy that I'm allergic to mangos (the sap on the skin of the fruit only). So it's only when someone peels them for me that I can eat them.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured dear Michael that when you visit Adelaide we will be sure to peel your mangos for you!
Glad you had such a great time in Bali.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Michael, i shall peel your mango for you...;) - I'm making a rather unladylike laugh right now...!

Hmm, M. Benaut, size...? Well that's a toughie. Not ALL important, is my answer he he. I adore mangos and watermelons, in fact all fruit is yummy. The most desirable is the one which best fits the hand ;)

dive said...

Oh, hee hee, Lynn!
Nice melons, by the way (well somebody had to say it).
I'm with you, Monsieur; I love them both.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Mine, Dive? Why, thank you. The way to test freshness of a melon is to give them a gentle squeeze you know.

Ok i know, i'm going to stop now. Sorry. It was Dive's fault. Waaaah!

Maria said...

Ah..watermelon. Just...ah....

Jules said...

It would be hard to say which Mango T-shirt felt more watermelon-like but i guess the only way to tell would be to feel them both M B and make a judgment - maybe we could leave it in your safe hands!!!

BTW I would prefer a mango to a watermelon only because that is all my T-shirt could hold without drooping.

Re the lesson - I hate to say it but size does matter M B. I know we were told "more than a handful is a waste" but hey I've got two hands - or am I just greedy!!!

claude said...

I ate for the first time watermelons in Spain and mangoes in Martinique, I am like you, I eat both.
Beautiful market !

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

I'm getting your meaning, Jules.

M. Benaut thanks for the nod. My picture is now up and running! Have you read my coffee break fiction at Things UK? I feel it might cheer you up, M. I know Mme has read it.