Monday, 11 February 2008

Le dîner en plein air

Pendant que le climat d'Adelaïde reste obliger à ses citoyens, il est toujours très plaisant de manger le dîner à un restaurant à côté de la plage.
C'est un de beaucoup de cafés de plein air de Glenelg, sur une nuit, chaud et doux.

Dinner in the open.
While the Adelaide climate stays kind to its citizens, it's always nice to eat dinner at a restaurant beside the beach.
This is one of the many of Glenelg's open air cafes, on a warm, balmy night.


dive said...

Glenelg sounds nice.

Actually, it sounds like a scotch whisky, which is probably what's attracting me.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Sooooo jealous of that!

Kate said...

Beach communities are wonderful because outdoor living is so enticing and healthy!


Cela fait envie !

Anonymous said...

Dive is right, Glenelg does sound like a scotch whisky!

Wonderful balmy night. Pity the spoiled brat is going to ruin his parents' evening... LOL

Another evening spent eating and drinking; looking at your blog, one comes to wonder if there are any other activities going on in Adelaide - apart from fishing, watching girls at intersections, barbecuing and jolly beer drinking of course!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Nathalie dear, there is gardening, wood collecting, chainsawing, lawn building, bird feeding, cat feeding, tennis court clearing, blackberry hunting, flower arranging, visiting ancient relatives and also the younger ones, endless trips to doctors, dentists etc., planning vacations to Europe and then there is the really serious stuff: housework, laundry and ironing!!

The good life is reserved for the beer drinkers! BUT I am going to the hairdresser and then out to lunch with a gf today before doing the marketing for and visiting one ancient relative!

Maria said...

Being from Nebraska, I rarely have had the joy of eating beside a beach. We CAN eat beside a lake, but...well...yeah...not the same.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and wonderful!

Alex's World! -

Terroni said...

It's freezing here...too cold to snow even.

I'm so jealous!

claude said...

I am waiting for the next summer so that I can do the same.

Raquel Sabino Pereira said...

Summer, please come back soon!!!!!

CaBaCuRl said...

Lovely late afternoon glow on these lucky people.Hmm...think I am more an MG girl than a Cadillac lass!Mme, hope you enjoyed your lunch out with your gf.

Anonymous said...

Maria and Terroni - you'll just have to come and visit and we'll take you to dinner by the seaside.
CabaC - did have a wonderful stroll through Warrawong Sanctuary which is not far from where we live, after a quick bite before the animal show. I actually touched my first snake but just couldn't bring myself to hold the blue tongue lizards. I did hold a baby sugar glider though. They are just so cute!

Please excuse M.B for having a night off. He was a tired little vegemite.

Jules said...

Hello M & M B - am back from the dead although food and wine are still not on the menu yet....errrgh!!!!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Mme benaut, thanks for the link re the dying almond trees. Frightening isn't it?

Will you be posting about yesterday's We Say Sorry day?

M.Benaut said...

J'estime que ce sujet est un sujet très sensible. J'ai beaucoup de vues sur le sujet, et j'estime qu'il y a 2 côtés à chaque histoire. Parfois il y a de 7.
Je dirai que je suis heureux de voir la paix. Mais je ne pense pas que c'est une paix paisible.
Pour cette raison, je ne montrerai pas mes couleurs, ni énoncez mon avis, sur ce sujet significatif.
Dear friend; pleased to see you back from death's door. You were obviously not welcome, there !!!
Try my next post, instead !! (Tues 12th)