Thursday, 7 February 2008

Pouvez-vous dire, qui de ces idiots, est moi ?

Quand j'étais étudiant à l'université, j'ai eu plus de cheveux sur ma tête, mais aujourd'hui j'ai.... amis merveilleux dans tout le monde entier. Certains ne peuvent pas parler anglais, et je ne peux pas parler leur langage. Néanmoins, il est facile d'avoir de bons amis.... et de les aimer tous ! !
J'ai été très excité, quand j'ai trouvé cette vieille photo de moi et plusieurs autres étudiants architecturaux, des années 1960.
When I was a student at university, I had more hair on my head, but today I have.... marvellous friends throughout the whole world. Some can not speak any English, and I can not speak their language. Nevertheless, it is easy to have good friends.... and to love them all !!
I was very excited, when I found this old photo of myself and several other architectural students, from the 1960's.
Can you guess; which of these idiots is ME ?

Je donne de grands mercis au Herr Schaussengraben parce qu'il était très aimable pour numériser cette photographie.


Ineke said...

The one in the middle, between the beard and glasses and the hat.

dive said...

Yikes! Architectural college. I remember that.
As for the photo? I'd have to take a wild guess and say you have a hat on, but which one?
I have no idea, but it looks great fun!

claude said...

I think the men without hat on the head, between the glasses and the cap !

Maria said...

I say the man in the white hat. The hero, of course...

Anonymous said...

I say the smart one with the cap, right side. What a wonderful photo!!!happiness and youth and all the future!!!Ah!!!

Michael Salone said...

You are definitely the chic, modern one next to the guy on the right with the military(?) cap. Am I right? Am I right?

And where was this photo taken and on what occasion? A parade?

Jules said...

I initially thought you were up to one of your pranks - you know old historical photo pick which one i am - ha, ha, ha, as car looks circa 1910 more than circa 1960 but then when I looked I thought hmmm the one between the cap and the beard does look like you .....or is it your grandfather - me with little faith - sorry!!!!

PS Benson sends kisses to Sascha but says he doesn't like flying so it may have to be a romance of distance!!!!

M.Benaut said...

Ineke got it and then the rest of you did.
This photo was taken in Rotterdam. whoops, no, in Adelaide in the late 60's.
It was Prosh Day, - University Procession day.
Round about 1967.
I am the handsome one on the left of the guy in the German Lufftewaffe air force cap.
Because I am so big-headed, as you all know, this photo hangs on the wall of my office, in case I ever become a daily photo blogger.
Thanks for boosting my ego. You all know that I'm not a self-indulgent person.
But it was fun. If Dive can do it,,, so can I !!

dive said...

"If Dive can do it, so can I"?

I can also eat sixteen raw scotch bonnet chilis in under five minutes, MB, but believe me, you do NOT want to do that!

M.Benaut said...

M. Dive, I defer to higher authority.
Avec un grand sourire sur mon visage.

Monica said...

One quick look and I knew who you were in the photo M.Benaut.

Impossible not to recognize you, the same charming face...

Just like when you showed a pic of Mme.Benaut as a kid. I knew right away who she was!