Saturday, 2 February 2008

Les mouettes aiment manger des frites, et les orteils de petites filles.

En été, tout le monde aime s'asseoir à côté de la mer chez Glenelg, enlever nos chaussures et manger quelques poissons et frites.
D'autres aiment prendre leur photographie, et écouter les bruits des mouettes, comme elles combattent pour gagner la plupart des frites - et orteils !

Seagulls love to eat chips, and the toes of little girls.
In summer, we all love to sit beside the sea at Glenelg, take off our shoes and eat fish and chips. Others love to take their photograph, and listen to the sounds of the gulls, as they fight to win the most chips.


Monica said...

Your photos are becoming more and more beautiful, a real sight for sore eyes that always makes me wonder "why am I not there right now?!"

That´s why when I think of your city I think of beaches, nice people and great outdoor places to relax and enjoy life!

derek said...

one sunny Sunday lunchtime, Karina & I purchased fish & chips by the beautiful little harbour in bite of the fish was mine only as a gull took the rest

They say gulls have a cast iron constitution....would be needed as the fish was very HOT.... derek

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

This is very romantic M. Benaut. More of your plastic birds... oops no Mademoiselle, i didn't mean you!

Maria said...

I would be scared out of my head that my toe would be bitten. I have this weird fear of birds....totally screwball....

M.Benaut said...

Dear Monica,
It's always such a thrill to see you.
I really liked your macaroons in Paris yesterday, too. The photo was stunning. One could almost taste them !
When you arrive in Adelaide, we will surprise you, and not just only with our beaches.
Sábado feliz a você.

Bonjour Derek, A new Google Blogger!! Bienvenue à vous.

Lynn, I gather that you have the piffles. You will have to be more careful with kissing and stuff like that. At least one can't get piffles from plastic birds, n'est-ce pas !

Monica said...

Feliz sábado a vocês também!

I see your portuguese keeps improving M.Benaut. You're a master of the languages aren't you?

Australia is definetely on my plans in the future. It might take a while to get me there. Far far away land=very expensive plane ticket.

But rest assure it is on my list!

claude said...

Charmante photo. Les mouettes, elles ont immigrées de Belgique, peut-être !

M.Benaut said...

Sûrement, ils doivent venir du département 72 ?

dive said...

Are you sure it was the gulls you were pointing the camera at, monsieur?
At any rate it looks a lot warmer down there than here. We had our first real attempt at snow last night. Brr.

esther said...

hihihi, alors ils ont du gout!!!