Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Quel bateau est-ce que je devrais acheter?

L'été prochain, tous mes amis DailyPhotoBlogger devront voyager Down-Under et visiter l'Australie du Sud.
Vous verrez la ville, les collines, le bord de la mer et les plages. Il y a des régions viticoles et naturellement, il y a l'Outback.
Mais, - vous verrez, sans doute, la bouche du fleuve Murray.
Peut-être, un d'entre ceux-ci, est, celui dans lequel nous traverserons cette bouche. Mais premièrement nous devrons conduire 10 k. le long de la plage.
Quel bateau est-ce que je devrais acheter, pensez-vous?
Next Summer, DailyPhotoBloggers must travel Down Under to visit South Australia.
You will see the City, the Hills, the Coastline and the Beaches. There are wine growing areas and naturally, there is the Outback.
But you will definitely see the Mouth of the river Murray.
Perhaps, one of these is, what we will traverse it in, after driving 10 k along the beach.
Which boat shall I buy?


alice said...

I think the aluminium one must be very strong but with your hard sun, I'll need a bibini above my head!

alice said...

Sorry, a bimini!

lynn said...

The white one, the white one!! Oh yes always white (i'm jumping up and down now).
That first photo made me draw in my breath and slowly sigh, M. Your beach photos always do that to me and i would LOVE to visit. My son No. 2 told me the other day that Australia is somewhere he'd love to go. One day, perhaps we'll get there.

lynn said...

Are there....sharks...? :0

M.Benaut said...

Alice, just for you I'll make sure that it has a bimini; and anything that rhymes with it !!

Lynn, White, it shall be.
Now:- We have tiger sharks, gummy sharks, great white sharks and lots of others.
But I ain't never seen one, never !
I have swum here, surfed and water skiied here and it's paradise.
I've even sipped champagne in Waterford crystal here.
Just ain't never seen none !!!!!
Sometimes we even speak correct English here.

lynn said...

LOL ! Sipping from Waterford in those waves how absolutely divine. Great whites! Brrrrrr indeed. I'm glad you haven't seen any. I haven't seen any in the River Avon either, isn't that funny.

lynn said...

Ok i've come for the low-down. You can't casually mention on my blog that you spoke to Diana, Princess of Wales and get away with it! I want to know what was said, what she was like, what she wore - everything! I was a huge fan of hers, if that's the right word, i just thought she was kind, lovely and did so much for the UK. So, tell all please? Dive will now be groaning...

Jilly said...

the one with the engine!

claude said...

The second one !

Nathalie said...

Go for the simple tinny. The bimini sounds nice for us tourists, but isn't the bimini un-Australien? I mean, I've never seen a tinny with a bimini...

And now for Lynn's scoop! What's this about Lady Di?

Anonymous said...

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Michael said...

Either of the boats would be fine with me. As long as there is good sun, water, and friends. I'll even drink out of something besides Waterford.

As for the word "bimini", I haven't heard it used in that context since I was a little boy. Made me smile that I knew what one was.

Michael said...

By the way, what's the weather like in Adelaide in the middle of June????

dive said...

I think you should buy a nice outrigger like Jules'.

And yes, Lynn … I am groaning. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...


M.Benaut said...

(And Lynn, - read this too.)
I feel that there may be some travelling to be done in June, perhaps ?
OK - Adelaide in June is cool. The days will be 15-20° and the rain is possibility. The nights in the city will be about 10°. Beaches and sunshine will not be like it is now. (It will be 30° and sunny, this weekend.)
June is a time for house-boating on the Murray river, seeing the hinterland and doing warm things at night.
Yes, rain is likely. July and August are cooler as that is the middle of our winter.
Sometimes the summer can extend to the end of May; albeit things are getting cooler.
Adelaide's latitude is less than 35° S. If one looks on Google Earth or a map, you will be surprised that NONE of Europe is as close to the Equator as Adelaide.
Geographically speaking, we have a "West-Coast", climate, so a good parallel may be Santa Monica, CA as far as weather; but I don't know for sure.
One thing is sure. There ain't NO snow, but we make up for it in much better ways.

Lynn and Nathalie, - and you, too, Dive,
I saw, and spoke to her on Australia day, 26 January 1988; the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Terra Australis. He and she, were on a rare Royal visit to celebrate the occasion, - in 40° heat. Her make-up was boiling off her face but she maintained the stiff upper lip.
I can show you the photos of the day when next I return to Goolwa and collect them. This will be in a few weeks or so. I am sure you will like them.
I agree with your words entirely Lynn, so I will do a good job of it.

lynn said...

Ahhhh i look forward to that. I WILL like them! Thank you.

Jules said...

I can post the outrigger over - or maybe you could come and collect and paddle it home!!!