Saturday, 23 February 2008

Le Démon, vit-il au Marché?

Au bureau de loteries ces sœurs doivent être tentées? Achèteront-elles un billet?
Aujourd'hui, café; - demain, tentation!
Le Démon, vit-il au Marché d'Adelaïde Central ? Rendrons-nous, demain et découvrirons la vérité ?
At the Lotteries Shop, these nuns must be tempted? Will they buy a ticket?
Today; coffee; - tomorrow temptation !
Does the Devil live at the Adelaide Central Market? Shall we return, tomorrow and discover the truth?


Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Oh yes. That's what the habits are for, to stuff full of tickets. The one on the left is saying,

"I feel i'm going to win this week. To celebrate i might splash out on some white glasses."

Bless them.

dive said...

Naked pensioners, gambling nuns; I can see that the Central Market is very likely under Old Nick's influence. I can't wait to find out!

Marie said...

Ca m'étonnerait qu'il y ait le diable s'il y a des nonnes :-))

Maria said...

I wonder what they would do with the dough if they won? Do good works for Jesus or maybe ditch the convent?

Anonymous said...

Would be a very good test of faith wouldn't it Maria?

Michael Salone said...

Ahhh Maria...we must think alike!

Jules said...

Gambling nuns - what next - parachuting priests???

These ladies should be careful gambling can become a nasty habit!!


Terroni said...

How the hell do they keep those white get-ups clean?