Sunday, 24 February 2008

La nourriture coréenne est nourriture heureuse particulièrement quand elle est épicée

Ce jeune homme a faim. On peut être tout à fait sûr juste en regardant l'expression sur son visage. Le problème est ; - il ne peut pas lire le menu, qui a été écrit dans le coréen.
Quand je vais à un restaurant coréen, je n'ai jamais le même problème. Je me demande, - quelle pourrait être la différence, - entre lui et moi ?
Korean food is happy food, especially when it's spicy.
This young man is hungry. One can be quite sure just by looking at the expression on his face.
The problem is; - he can not read the menu, which was written in Korean.
When I go to a Korean restaurant, I don't have the same problem.
I wonder what the difference could be - between him and me ?


dive said...

I don't know, Monsieur, but the writing on the window and the newspaper is Chinese, which confuses me further as my Mandarin is crap and this appears to be Cantonese.
I think I'll eat at home today.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

I'm impressed that you know the differences Dive. I wouldn't have a clue. Good photo M.

Utsav said...

Maybe because you try to read the menu instead of a sign on the window that says "Strictly In House..." in Korean or Cantonese, whichever?

Jules said...

The door says Vietnamese so no wonder he is confused - Korean food served in a Vietnamese restaurant with the menu written in Cantonese - no wonder he is hungry....

.... he may have to eat the menu!!!!

Terroni said...

I'm distracted by the huge bruise on this poor guy's arm!

Anonymous said...

Terroni, that's a tattoo, not a bruise, I think.