Friday, 9 February 2007

Who's Twisted Now?

Gold, Silver, Uranium and Copper are relatively plentiful in Outback South Australia and are mined in places like Roxby Downs. The miners sink a deep shaft and branch out with "drives", or horizontal tunnels at the appropriate locations. These drives suffer from falling rocks which can endanger the miners and so steel mesh is suspended from the ceilings and fixed with "rock anchors". The rock anchors in today's photo are fabricated from deformed steel rods which are twisted in this lathe, to create a greater surface area to be chemically grouted in position, in holes drilled in the ceilings of the Drives. This photo shows how that is achieved in a workshop in Adelaide.
Roxby Downs is 510 kilometres (as the crow flies) north of Adelaide, and on Google Earth go to 30 33 47 S, 136 53 44 E. February in Adelaide: no worries.


lynn said...

What a good, working shot!

Little surprise for you at my Things UK blog, M et Mme x

M.Benaut said...

What can I say, but how thoughtful, considerate and charming of you to build us a snowman. I shall Christen him 'Horace', becaure he looks so dignified and British. Well done, we are most grateful Madame !!!

lynn said...

Ah, glad you like Horace! I confess i didn't build him, but i found him especially for you!

Anonymous said...

Great information that you provide here on your blog. Enlarged the picture and got a better view of things. Looked at the other pictures as well you seem to be enjoying summer down under. Seems like it is a lot of fun.


M.Benaut said...

Thanks Clo. for coming to Adelaide. I hope to be able to keep you informed and hopefully, slightly entertained. Requests always welcomed. Just don't ask for snow right now !!