Sunday, 11 February 2007

By hook or by crook we stay warm.

While folk in the northern hemisphere are freezing bits off, down under, we think up any old method to keep warm when it cools off a bit. Here is a typical Aussie bonfire (and naturally, a barbeque) with friends, a while ago. The bonfire pile was only the size of a small-ish house and 50 or so friends garbled and warbled the night away. Another Marilyn Monroe's Birthday celebrated in the proper style,- she would have been very proud.


lynn said...

Ah well Happy Birthday to you M. Benaut for that time.

Looks...kind of out of control..that bonfire. Did these two ladies run for their lives after the shot?

dive said...

Now I see where we get all those news items about bush fires down under!
Monsieur B. J'accuse!

Mme Benaut said...

Dive - you're right. He nearly scared me to death but we had a permit from the Council and the CFS (country fire service) said it would be ok. We can't do this, obviously, during bushfire season which this year started in mid-October and will continue through until May probably.
Lynn - didn't you recognise me? Thought the pose might have given it away. I am the one with the hat on!

Mme Benaut said...

Lynn - very clever of you to work out that it was M.B's birthday. We have a bonfire every year to celebrate, on or about 1 June!

Ame said...

WOW! That's SOME bonfire! And a Happy Belated to you too M-B! =)

Looks like a HOT time was had by all that evening! How DID you put the dang thing OUT? We would have called the fire department when it was only HALF that size! LOL! Have a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat week! =)

Mme Benaut said...

Ame, the bonfires are HUGE and scary for the first half an hour or so, then they die down a bit. By the wee small hours of the morning, there are just hot coals left and, you guessed it, I AM THE BUNNY WHO PUTS OUT THE FIRE because M.B has by that time retired to bed having had a 'couple' of beers. For this fire, I finally put out the coals at dawn and it took an hour with a hose and lots of water pressure to put the damn thing out. Still, it's great fun and the last guests left at 2.30 am.
The bonfire takes place in our back paddock and we have trestle tables set up - one as a bar, one for salads, one for bread, desserts, nibbles and sauces etc. and a row of BBQs all fired up. M.B places floodlights all around and also huge tents if it is raining (nothing stops the bonfire). Our guests bring whatever they wish to cook on the BBQ and do their own cooking. We supply plates and glasses etc and it takes us a day to set up and a day to tidy up. Last time I baked 60 potatoes and 48 bread rolls for the occasion. For M.B's birthday, we had 6 chocolate mud cakes with sparklers on top - loads of fun! So, if you're in Aldgate on 1 June, you know where to visit.