Thursday, 15 February 2007

Sérgio Mendes, nous applaudissons votre jazz. We love the Jazz of Sergio Mendes.

And as the day becomes twilight, the soft sounds of Brazil creep gently into the ambiance of slowly moving thoughts, hungers, lusts, dreams and immediate aspirations. The sky is preparing for the love of evening and the music confuses rationale. It's summer, it's evening, it's perfect. What matters?
Je ne sais pas, qui s'inquiète !


Ame said...


Maybe I should head to OZ!!!

And NOTHING matters...ummmmm...yeah...nothing!

I don't think...does it?

WOW! And immediate PERspirations!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...LOL! You're in the MOOD today DEARY! I better check out Sergio's tunes again!

Ame said...

PS: For the record...I have no idea what I just said up there...some alien has taken over my brain...HELP!

M.Benaut said...

You are ripe for Australian Citizenship, Ame,
Australia needs thinkers like you.
And Perspiration, no worries. We have oceans of everything here. Immerse yourself in Australia and feel a culture like you never knew. We are a multidextrous society and have a freedom I can't find anywhere else. Australian culture is possibly an oxymoron, but who cares? We are insular, but that is our strength. The world has shrunk as you will see again on the weekend. Come home via Adelaide and there will always be an extra "shrimp" on the thing for those we love and for those we haven't met yet !!

Ame said... can I pass up a sweet offer like THAT! I'm sure we'll make our way to that part of the planet one of these days...and you'll be one of the first to know! And we'll get together and have a rip-snortin' ol' time! ;) Thanks guy! x

Monica from rio said...

Wow!!! I can´t help putting a big smile upon my face with this post. Sergio Mendes huh?! He´s totally the best! I just bought his latest CD last week, ´Timeless` - not so jazzy, he added some new stuff, hip hop style to this work. I´ll bet you know this old one: "mas que nada, um samba como esse tão legal, você não vai querer que eu chegue no final..."

(well, you probably know it in English, not in Portuguese!)

BTW, what is the name of this beautiful beach? What a scenery!

Anonymous said...

mme.Benaut You guessed my name. Well it is not impossible to guess and am glad you did not guess Claude.

Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's day with M.Benaut. From this stunning photo, I can only wish I were at that beach enjoying a summery Valentine's day with my wife.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign.


M.Benaut said...

Agradeç. "Mas que nada" est um canção eu como muito muito!

M.Benaut said...

The beach is called 'Glenelg' and it was where the first English explorers landed on mainland South Australia on 28th December 1836. It's a popular beach and tourist destination and the subject of my last 3 posts.
You would love it, so I guess I shall show you some more Glenelg.
On Google Earth go to,
34 58 49.71 S
138 30 37.15 E
for Sergio Mendes

Ame said...


Almost starting to pack...finishing laundry! I'm a craaaaaaazy CA GURL! ;)

Save me a Fosters with that shrimp too would ya?

M.Benaut said...

I'll go a step further than that.
A SLAB of Fosters and all the Steak and onions you guys can get y' little choppers round.
Mi casa es su casa siempre !!
And happy travellllls across the pond, M"AAM