Saturday, 3 February 2007

Café et Croissants sur la Terrasse.

It's wonderful to sit beside the Patawalonga Boat Harbour at Holdfast Shores, Glenelg for a morning coffee, and relax to the sound of lapping water and seagulls. Glenelg is about 10 kilometres from the city and a popular, clean, wide Adelaide beach. It is serviced by the Glenelg Tram. (Shown in my very first post).


Utsav said...

Hello M!
So ADP is finally up and running eh? Thanks for the comments- been kinda busy. I'll have some great photo post material in a few days, watch out for those.
Will be back for more Ozzie beer- Foster's does happen to be one of my preferred brands ;)

dive said...

Oooo …
That makes my coffee shop look decidedly chilly, MB.

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Benaut. On aurais pense que vous allez poster votre photo ajourd'hui.

I parait que c'est la demande de votre visiteur dans ce blog.

En attendant. Meilleures salutations

M.Benaut said...

Bonjour Utsav,
Are you back in Bhutan now? It would be great to hear all your news from India (I think you said) and to see your photos. The naughty little girls and M. Dive are also dying to hear as well. Did you smash something cheap, just joking? It's great to see you in Adelaide and today will be over 100 degrees - 38 C. Hope you're not suffering from too much heat on the top of the world !!

Dive, monsieur; Mme. said I must show you our Golden Elm tree. At this time of year, it's in full leaf and shady. The outside shower hangs from it in summer and Agapanthuses grow below. In amongst the aggies there are blackberries growing prolifically which are consumed for dessert of an evening.
(a South African plant of the lily family, with funnel-shaped bluish flowers that grow in rounded clusters. Also called lily-of-the-Nile . • Genus Agapanthus, family Liliaceae (or Alliaceae).ORIGIN modern Latin, from Greek agapē ‘love’ + anthos ‘flower.’)

M. ou est lui Madame ?
J'ai trop de crainte pour pour vous montrer. Vous devez trouver au moins 37 personnes, avant que j'aie la confiance pour cela.

bernard said...

really a very beautiful photograph

M.Benaut said...

Merci, Bernard,
C'était un compliment très gentil. J'essayerai de vous envoyer plus de photographies pour vous donner un peu de plaisir, Monsieur.

Anonymous said...

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