Sunday, 25 February 2007

The Bridgewater Mill - Winery and Restaurant.

In the Adelaide hills and originally settled as 'Cox Creek,' this town was renamed Bridgewater - after Bridgewater in Somerset, - in 1860 when this flour mill was built by John Dunn.
It was the only mill in the state driven by water. Today it is home to Petaluma Wines, the company's famous Restaurant and its methode champenoise cellaring and production.
Have a lash at this lot;
Primo: Seared scallops with sweet and sour pork belly, oyster mushroom and black beans.
Secundo: Roasted Kangaroo Island chicken breast with scampi, coconut and green mango salad, chili and lime.
Nel terzo posto, dessert: Mulberry and apple trifle with macadamia biscotti.
Chi ha fame, non me, i miei cari amici!


lynn said...

MMMMMMM! Secundo was just superb thank you so much for making my lunch M. et Mme! Such a treat. I'll be back....

Clo. said...

Is this your car parked in the parking lot?

Glad to know you enjoyed your meal. My cell says that it is 8:34 am in Australia. Enjoy you morning and breakfast; It is only 2:36 pm in San Francisco, I am still at work and will meet my wife and some friends for dinner tonight. Wish me luck.

lynn said...

I wish you luck but think instead you should pop into Cheltenham for pre-dinner drinks.

Monica from rio said...

That's is a meal with capital M!
I'm hungry now.

Zsolt72 said...

ohh it looks wonderful. I love old mills. We have a similar in a little town called Tata in Hungary.

Monica from rio said...

M.Benaut I do sleep! LOL I even failed to post yesterday. Remember it's a 12 hour difference from Adelaide to Rio! Those pictures outside Rio were taken last october, I have lots of photos from trips I took last year. So unfortunately I'm not on tour now!

I just added a link of a map of Brasil to that post, to situate the cities.

Utsav said...

For a moment I did a double take on the Kangaroo Island chicken- read it as roast kangaroo, LOL!!
That must have been some meal. And I was eating oat porridge and bread :(
Adelaide makes me jealous.