Thursday, 15 February 2007

Au Coucher du Soleil. At Sunset

A beautiful day in Adelaide finishes with an even more beautiful sunset. This is the time when the locals and the tourists wander down to the water's edge or along the jetty to watch the sun slowly sink in the west. Or one might simply sit outside at Starbucks with a cappucino. February in Adelaide, still no worries.


lynn said...

Ohhh such a romantic scene for Valentine's Day! Beautiful. Rivalled only by Eric's (tongue firmly in cheek).

Ame said...

I love it too....and could just sit there for hours....sure beats the stress of getting ready to fly across the POND! LOL! ;)

Happy VD 2U2 M-B!

Anonymous said...

"Clo? Who's Clo? Inquiring minds wanna knooooooooooooooooow! HEY! That rhymes...sorry, on my second glass of CA Cab!"

Dear Ame:

I appreciate your friendly rhyme. You have been inquiring about me, yet, you do not seem to ask questions. So here it goes:

I am a trilingual who happens to mispell words, and whose name seems to give rhyming pleasure.

I reside in the State of California and work about fifteen to twenty minutes away from Santa Clara (driving northbound on 101 that is). As you know Santa Clara is next to San Jose and is almost an hour drive from San Francisco.

I began visiting blogs about two years ago and as you know, began leaving comments as of lately.

As to whether I am a man or a woman, I am the former but of course you will probably think differently.

I am a product of the U.S. schooling system and presently work at a Library.

Lastly, I promise not to impose on you or visit your blog, given that I seem to bother you so much, although I do appreciate your photographs and sense of humour.

I never meant to offend nor hide behind anything....


Clo. the ... (choose whatever witty rhyme that pleases you).

M.Benaut you have my deepest apologies as well. You certainly are a gentleman and I have enjoyed your postings.


P.S: Sorry, still hung over from last night.

Anonymous said...

M.Benaut. I wish you and your wife a vey lovely Valentine day. I hope you two have a blast


Ame said...

Cloooooooooooooooooooooo...Nooooooooooooooooo! See another rhyme! LOL! ;)

I just didn't know who you were and was going along with the "Nonny Mouse" thingy! ;)

Feel free to visit my blog anytime!

Now you should know me...I don't get angry or bothered by's too short ;)

WOW! 15 minutes north of Santa Clara?

Must be Mountain View or Palo Alto!

Come visit!

Sorry Clo's URL-less (LOL!) I had to straighten things out here!

Mme Benaut said...

Hello Clovis,
Which other languages do you speak since you are trilingual and speak English? Spanish? French?
PS We had a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day thank you - as you can see from the photos, we went to Glenelg. Look it up on South Australian Tourist information!!

dive said...

Stunning photo MB.
You've excelled yourself.

M.Benaut said...

Ripper, Dive,
However there were no lawyers on the pavement. Maybe next time, old son.

Ame said...

HEY! I heard ya knockin' on my blog! LOL!;)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn....Mornin' Matey!

Skivvies are undies Deary...go figure huh? Bet you'd NEVER expect that from MOI?!? ;)

And thanks for the niceties...same back at ya!

Off for some tea and laundry and PACKING...PACKING...EEEEEEEEEK!

M.Benaut said...

Crikey, Ame,
The shot that SHE has of ME is TOOOO scarey to show you guys because it was taken at the same beach you saw HER at. I'm too scared. It's OK to show girl's stuff, but crikey charlie, heck, I dunno, mate!!

Monica from rio said...

tout par la nuit?! vraiment, vous aimez La Môme beaucoup! alors, je suis heureuse de vous aidez avec cette merveilleuse lyrique! that´s how far I´ll go with my french so far...I´m sure I made a lot of mistakes :-))
First time I´m checking your blog, I was stunned by the beauty of your city, although it is known for it. I´m afraid if I check all these wonderful cityblogs I won´t get any work done!!

Ame said...

ROFL! OK, let me have a few glasses of "red" then it won't matter!!! LOL! ;) Hey we're all old and modesty goes out the window after what, age 21? Life's too short, let it all hang out...well, maybe not ALL! Don't forget, I'm from California! LOL!

On to check out your NEW SNAP!


M.Benaut said...

Hi, Monica,
Welcome to Adelaide.
Please return and laugh along with us !!
I love your French and please use it as much as you want.

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