Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Valentine's Day at Sunset

Today, it's Valentines Day everywhere and it's also the 46th anniversary of Decimal Currency in the Wide, Brown Land. More importantly, it's the day that Sherry and her two daughters, Hayley and Gabby were promenading along the Glenelg jetty at sunset. Ambassadors from Anchorage, Alaska they set a shining example to all "Northern Hemisphrerians", that is, Australia in the Summer must surely be the place to be!
Madame and I, send all Northerners a very warm Bienvenue en l'Australie, Υποδοχή στην Αυστραλία, オーストラリアへようこそ, and look forward to meeting the rest of you as soon as possible.


Olivier said...

je vous souhaite une bonne saint-valentin

I wish you a good St. Valentine's day

M.Benaut said...

Olivier, merci de vos souhaits très aimables. C'est un grand plaisir pour tous les deux nous de vous accueillir en Australie du sud ensoleillée. Le jour de Valentine heureux à vous et votre a aimé ceux également.

dive said...

Happy "46th anniversary of Decimal Currency", MB!
Handsome devil though you are, I've already pledged my Valentine's wishes to Old Knudsen.

Nice view, by the way.

M.Benaut said...

Did you present him with one of his favourite round things? Just joking!
By the way it was 41 years, sorry. Happy Decimal Currency Day to you Monsieur! and yes, you are correct, of course about the handsome bit, (not joking).

Ame said...

I should change your acronym to M-M...Mr. Modest!!! LOL! ;)

Beautiful (as they say in Britty land) Birds...that was probably really bad! ;)

OK, talent then! Heard that one too!

NO? OK, how 'bout foxes! Yep, that'll do! ;)

And until you post a shot of you in your skivvies I'll have to reserve judgement! ;)


Mme Benaut said...

Dear Ame,
If you go back in ADP to a picture of our friend Judy cooking breakfast eggs on the bbq, on Kangaroo Island, the bloke with the camera in the middle is M. Benaut. He is indeed handsome and the photo doesn't do him justice. With a little persuasion you will see another photo of him soon ...

Ame said...

I saw that indeed MMe B! He gave great clues...anyone who missed it was either two sheets to the wind or just asleep! LOLOL! ;) Can't wait for an update! ;) Au revoir! xo

M.Benaut said...

In australia a skivvie is a roll neck jumper, pullover, warm wooly thingummy what you pull over y' head. I gather that in the good ole US of A, a skivvy is something different, M"AAAM, so what's a skivvie? You call the shots. There's no secrets in this nick of the woods. Now jist git on with all that packin' M"AAM.

Ackworth Born said...

In old blighty a skivvie is a hard working underpaid cleaning woman.

These three luscious lovelies hardly seem to merit that description, but maybe I'm offtrack.

Curly said...

Three very special ladies!

Great picture, I just love it!

While I'm here I thought I'd let you know that I have moved my site on to Wordpad, unfortunately that means it's time to update those links again.......sorry.

The Wiki that you can use to copy and paste the links into your template/sidebar is very simple and usefull.

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