Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Est-ce que c'est le Centre Georges Pompidou d'Adelaïde ? ( What's this Place called?)

This is Adelaide’s new amusement complex at the seaside, complete with waterslides, a play castle, dodgem cars, carousel, mini golf and more. It's called the "BeacHouse", it's at Glenelg and it's fun for the kids. When that is through, there's beach volley ball, swimming, getting wet, cooling down and even jumping in the cool (?) waters of the Bay.


lynn said...

Looks fab, M et Mme.
Thanks so much for your kind wishes at my blog, i've just replied there and seen all the comments from people. Ahh, lovely i was very touched.
Just days after telling you about my gorgeous son Arthur, he broke his shoulder! Urgent operation so now i shall be visiting him for few days to look after him. That together with flu and being unwell, i haven't been able to post. Back to norm next week i hope, poss. before. See you soon my Down under friends xx

Ame said...

Hey M-B!

Just time for a quick HIIIIIIII from London! Off to Bristol tomorrow!

Had an awesome day with Divey Boy today...I'm sure he'll post all about it...I did a brief synopsis!

Catch up sooon....miss y'all!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm definately coming to south australia, that looks like fun. BUT.... I wanna do all that kid stuff why should they have all the fun?

M.Benaut said...

Thanks for actually having the strength to return to blogland. It must be doubly difficult to look after your boy when you feel so"crook". Take it easy, Madame and slide back-in gently. We'll save the torrid bits until you regain a full head of steam. Talking of which, I wonder if M. Dive is 'plumb tuckered out', yet?

Heck, sorry. I didn't know you knew we were just talking about you!

All you have to say is, When?
Have you ever been here?

lynn said...

lol M. Benaut your words hit the spot just when i was feeling all snowed under by everything so thanks for that. You assessed it perfectly! In the real world it was increasingly seeming like no-one appreciated the situation at all! Was plum fed up? What's the aussie for that? lol!

M.Benaut said...

Thanks for those nice words.
You're sounding better by the minute, but don't overdo it, we want you back, but only when the time is right. Health is paramount, work and income also. And you can't be all the knights of the round table all the time. Hope the little fellow is picking up too. At his age they're pretty resiliant.
Crapped-off that'll do. It doesn't last forever, but crikey, it gives one the shits sometimes, n'est-ce pas !!! (not joking).

Sally said...

Certainly looks better than that hideous thing that was there. Magic Castle or something?

M.Benaut said...

Hi sally,
It was called Magic Mountain. Many years ago, vandals super-glued razor blades in the waterslides.
Enough said !