Saturday, 24 February 2007

Sunset Wedding at Wirra Wirra Vineyards, McLaren Vale.

Well, my good friends, Adelaide Daily Photo is one month old today. I need to either post a photo of a tram for Michael, a beach for Lynn or a non-edible Kookaburra for Monica.
That's a tall order. So today; here's the reason I am now a Grandfather! No doubt you will soon see William, he's a great little boy and extremely talented. He takes after me, naturally.
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Monica from rio said...

Congratulations!!!! One month huh! Still a baby, but so talented!!!
All the best to you and Mme.Benaut and the blog, and of course now you have to show us the pic of your grandson!!!
I like the atmosphere of this photo, so ... romantic.

Oya said...

Congratulations ! This is a very nice photo. You picked well.

Clo. said...

Congratulations on your one month anniversary M.Benaut. I thought you, like many of the other daily photo, have ha this going for a while by now. Shows how much I know about blogging.

Lovely picture by the way. Congrats on becoming grandparents to you and mme.Benaut. I think you owe us an introduction as to who is who in the picture. The bride seems quite upset at her maids of honour. I wonder why?

Clo. said...

M.Benaut. Lynn has posted hope you and mme.Benaut will stop by and say hi to her.

lynn said...

Ah Clo., how kind ! Yes i'm here and how wonderful to see this natural wedding photo. Congrats to you. Can't wait to see the little one.

Eric said...

Dear Mr AND Mrs Benaut. At last I have one minute to stop by your very nice blog. You have some wonderful scenary photos there (of course it's Australia it helps!! but still).

And a lovely wedding pic too (OK, this one is not very different from a wedding photo in Europe! but it's always a pleasure to see a wedding pic - especially since we know there is a Benaut junior junior on the way...).

Also I MUST register you on the portal during this week end I feel really ashamed not to have taken care of you earlier.

And last but not least: happy one month anniversary!

M.Benaut said...

WOW, Dear Friends,
I am honoured to hear such nice comments from you all. Photoblogging has introduced me to you and I really enjoy your warmth and friendship. Really, it's all your fault, Eric !!!! Without you, Monsieur, none of this would have been possible. I can't imagine that you ever get any sleep with 150 mad children on the loose. Every day or so we discover we have a new brother or sister in a city we once visited or are dying to go to one day. And each sibling has a distinct and loveable personality. We even seem to take care of one-another and act like a family. Thank you so much, guys.
My grandson, William in Sydney is now 6 months old and yes, you will see him. He and I were going to be "my profile photo" on this blog, but I still can't work out how to do it. My youngest daughter, in London, (middle Bridesmaid, eldest daughter is the Bride), was the catalyst to my starting up one month ago but we didn't get as far as the profile shot.
So, to Monica, Oya, Clovis, Lynn, and Monsieur Eric, a very big thank you et un accueil chaleureux à la Photo Quotidienne d'Adelaïde.

Clo. said...

M.Benaut it is my pleasure to have been able to be introduced to Adelaide by you.

Thank you for explaining who is who in the picture. I enjoy the story telling in it, it must have been a fun filled day for all of you.

dive said...

What a beautiful setting for a beautiful day, MB.
And Happy One Month Birthday! Yaay!
Apologies for my comment drought this week, but it's been kinda hectic with the Ame Show in town!

M.Benaut said...

Ripper M. Dive,
You've done us all proud.
Life won't be the same I guess after all that gadaboutin'.
Thanks old son.

lynn said...

Happy One Month! I hadn't realised. How time flies I'm so glad we have a window to Adelaide.

I found the profile thing hard too. In the end i found the easiest way; Post your chosen profile pic as if posting for a new day. Ignore your embarrassment as you see your own mug in full regalia for a moment. Then, once posted, right click on it and select copy image location. Then, go to Edit profile and in the photo space provided, paste the url there. Save, and it should work! Finally, you need to go back into postings to delete your posting of your oversized mug shot, unless you love it of course! lol. Good luck.

M.Benaut said...

Thanks, Lynn,
The bottom line is therefore that this mug shot has to be stored on a URL - ONLY. My daily photo selection each day is shifted from (Apple-mac iPhoto, directly to my new post and NOT from a URL. I was hoping to shift it from iPhoto directly to wherever. So I guess I must get a URL location to store it. I have tried Picasa but it is not compatible with the Apple system. What do you use?
Merci beaucoup.
Hope you are feeling better too.

Utsav said...

What a day to return to Blogosphere!
Congratulations, MB, it's a fantastic blog, though I haven't been around much. That is such a lovely picture. And it's wedding season at my blog too!

M.Benaut said...

Mein Gott und Holey Moley,
It's Utsav, the man with VERY short hair. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME. We all thought you had been washed out to sea, Monsieur. I am so glad to hear your voice again and so are all the little girls too, I can safely say. You had better let them know you are alive and kicking, there's much to be done at your end as a lot has happened while you were in India. I shall look forward to more news as soon as,,,

Bleeding Orange said...

Happy first month so!
Looks like a beautiful day to get married.

M.Benaut said...

Thank you, Madamoiselle, it was a wonderful day. My eldest daughter, now 2 1/2 years later, has blessed me with a little "Guillaume", and William is now 6 months old. So, the photo was not taken yesterday !!! Quelle dommage !