Sunday, 4 February 2007

Pigeons Down Under

Adelaide, as you have now heard, is a city laid out (in 1836), with wide boulevards and this central square called Victoria Square. Here, the one and only remaining Electric Tram line, to Glenelg, has it's terminus. Adelaide is known as the 20 minute city. You can get to anywhere in under 20 minutes, but today with the thermometer on 40 C / 104 F, I wasn't going further than the local Aldgate paint shop.
I shall continue to zoom you in to Adelaide, as time goes by.

At midday, when it was only 100 F, (still nice and cool), I popped down to the local shops, with camera, of course. On returning, and before painting in the bathroom, I took this shot for my Northern Hemisphere friends.


lynn said...

You love it don't you (between teeth).

lynn said...

So at least we have pigeons in common. Send some of that warmth to the UK would you?? Brrr.

Ame said...

WOW! HOT! Bet that paint dried fast M-B! ;) Probably could barely get a stroke in! LOL! Me BAD!

Pigeons here too...ack! Icky poo! Lynn, GF, we have some sun too...I'll send some right over!

Off to make love to some bath gel!

Susan said...

Nice old thermometer. Thats your proof of how hot things are in Adelaide.

Dsole said...

that's so nice for the other side of the planet! It's amazing you live in summer time while here its so cold... that's the thing about different hemispheres ;)
Greeting from Madrid

M.Benaut said...

Ame (and Buzz),
Yair, it was like batting on a stickey wicket. !!! Better get Dive to explain that one dear. (Even tho' they don't play much cricket in Malta !!!)

Yes it does get a bit warm in Adelaide, perhaps a bit more than in Maple Ridge in the Summer. Loved your moon shot and the nice conversation you had with the Moon!

I imagine that Madrid can be as warm as Adelaide in your Summer. We have a much lower population, here, about one million. At night we have cooling "gulley breezes" in the evening near the foothills; and Sea Breezes close to the coast.
It was oly 37 and a bit degrees here today and as I drove home at 8:30 pm from French class, the gulley breezes were tremendously strong and the temperature had dropped considerably.

Gracias por su visita. Era muy agradable verle, señora.

M.Benaut said...

Shall I send some heat and hold on the pigeons? I hope your weekend was warm and cuddly. At least pigeons can never, now be a theme-day theme. Praise the Lord !!!

Ame said...

You're too much M-B...awesome comment yourself! Very touching! ;) I'm sure he feels the love! =)

lynn said...

Weekend very warm and cuddly i can report, M. Benaut, temperatures rose and fell frequently with plenty of showers.