Thursday, 8 February 2007

Salle de classe en plein air. Open air classroom.

Adelaide's first Surveyor General, Col. William Light who laid out the City of Adelaide in the early 19th century is commemorated by his statue on Montefiore Hill overlooking his city.
Today these students and their teachers take time to re-live the experiences of Colonel Light. Here is one extract from Light's diary.
"The reasons that led me to fix Adelaide where it is I do not expect to be generally understood or calmly judged of at present. My enemies, however, by disputing their validity in every particular, have done me the good service of fixing the whole of the responsibility upon me. I am perfectly willing to bear it; and I leave it to posterity, and not to them, to decide whether I am entitled to praise or to blame."

Praise be indeed to you, Sir!


dive said...

Now there's a man who's pretty sure he's right.
And it looks like he was. Nice one, Col. Light.

denton said...

Beautiful photo and especially good for the kids to have an outdoor class. Many will be jealous of the blue sky, green grass, and wonderful flowers. It is photos like this which prove we are a world wide daily photo community with different seasons to prove it.

lynn said...

We used to have classes outside but it usually meant that the teacher lost control while we all laid back on the grass and talked about boys, fashion, make-up and boys.

Dsole said...

i agree with Lynn :)
But it's a nice place to attend a class, look at the sky! it's just beautiful!

Mme Benaut said...

The flowers are petunias. Everyone plants them in spring for this display in summer and we have some in our own garden. They are hardy plants which keep on giving and lap up the hot sun.

Ame said...

What a neat shot...beautiful distractions or obstructions like telephone poles or lines...I LIKE IT! And NO SNOW! Unlike the UK you say? EEEEEEEEEEK! I guess I'm really gonna have to take my snow blower! ;)

lynn said...

Glad you like the snow pic, M et Mme. May periodically photo that church, in all weathers. So watch that space. Who knows perhaps i'll make ole Woolstone Church famous.

M.Benaut said...

A good blow is always beneficial, even in England (and even in the snow !) Remember the photos dear.
Perhaps you were being cryptic, (peut etre?).
L'amour est beau !!!!!!

Ame said...

LMAO M-B! Clears the plumbing doesn't it? Not sure about the snow...even more unsure about the photos...if I ever shared them I'd probably have to shoot ya...or haul your arse down to the clink and throw away the key! LOL! You're too much! =)