Friday, 2 February 2007

Relaxing with Dick

The other day, I travelled to Sydney to attend William's Christening. The following day Dick took me on a motor cycle tour up to Palm Beach and the Hawkesbury River. We returned to his home on the North Shore before visiting his new apartment at Pyrmont. Here is Dick, chilling out on the roof garden with a little French beer. January in Australia, No Worries.


lynn said...

This is a superb photo! Apart from my love of your coastal scenes, this is your best yet. People should click on it to enlarge, it's really worth it. Sunlight bounces off your mate Dick as he snoozes, oh he makes me sleepy! Certainly illustrates a perfect few moments taken out of a busy life. The ferns too, mmm it's lovely. Keep this in mind for your Best Photo day.

denton said...

Welcome to the daily photo family and greetings from Greenville, South Carolina (USA).

Ame said...

Aw this is a fun shot M-B! And please tell MMe MB I saw the note about the cakes over on Lynn's sweet! ;) Think I'm about ready to assume Dick's pose...or repose as it were...starting to feel like I need toothpicks to hold my eyelids open!

C'ya tomorrow! ;)

Mandi said...

Welcome to DP! You've got some great photos up already. I look forward to seeing more of Adelaide.

Dsole said...

Hi from Madrid!
It's nice to know another city that I didn't hear of until today!
Dick enjoyed a real siesta!! ahaa...

You have really beautiful photos over there... Love your introduction post in 30th January, very informative, and cool shot from above! :)

M.Benaut said...

We raced through French's Forest at 131 K/p/h. It was brilliant. When YOU arrive here, Dick will take you as a pillion and you will adore the experience. Just love the man, my mate Dick. (No double entendre implied nor given).
Welcome to the Land Down Under. Send me a link to visit you when you can. Merci beaucoup monsieur.
You're just a little treasure and we ALL simply adore you. XX
Welcome also, Mandi. Where did you live before Tel Aviv? Please return to Adelaide. I will crank things up as long as you like.
Thank you sir, i would love to learn more of your beautiful Spanish city and to visit there. So much to see, so little time.
Usted me honra con su visita.

lynn said...

I was going to make a play for the word Dick but decided not to, no worries though, up you came with it yourself!
131? and Dick will take me pillion will he? Good heavens, i'm just reeling at the thought M et Mme, my cheeks are pink and i do believe i'm feeling the beginnings of a hot flush. Are his intentions honourable? He'd have to chisel me off afterwards, i'd be solid with fright i'm sure. I've only ever been on a scooter and that was wild enough! lol.

lynn said...

pah! missed the chance of a weak pun. That was meant to be 'only ever been TAKEN on a scooter'.

M.Benaut said...

Sure , Lynn and your CHEEKS will also be pink.
You really need to be here Cheeky.

Crikey. now that's an inspiration for a future post. Someone start a wish list or should I say , Lynn started it,,,,,

lynn said...

you mean my wish to be there? Certainly i do!

Thanks for your comment re: meaningful, at my blog. Bit weird wasn't it. Not sure if it was a swipe or bad writing on her part. Anyway, do i look bothered? lol.
She seemed to be giving her opinion on lots of people there as a parting shot. How very strange. Ah well. Ho hum. Now, let's talk Dick again. How is the man today? Sleeping, or up and about all revved up?

lynn said...

So i'm Cheeky Lynn now, here and at Gaijin Girl's i'm Lady Lynn. he he i quite like all these names!

M.Benaut said...

Not quite sure if you've got a handle on the Aussie connotation of "cheeks" dear. After SITTING on a motor bike for some time,,,,, After lying in the sun on one's tummy, (sans) ,,,,,,,We're a bit British ici, but we do live in a most temperate climate,,,,
Perhaps my next post may assist. You may, however never speak to me again. I'm just trying,,,,
Dick, on the other hand, unlike moi, is the gentleman's gentleman. We used to solve all the problems of the universe together, until he moved to Sydney. That's why our reunions are so sacred.

lynn said...

Ah ThOSE cheeks. I see. Mine are quite covered, unlike those of your stunning lady wife!

mme Benaut said...

Dearest Lynn,
Thank you for all of the nice comments - what can I say but "my husband made me do it (wear the bikini that is!} and still does" and if you think that mine is brief then you should see his which I think is also his point (oh dear). I rather think the point of his post (oh dear, again) was the beach however ... was a tad risky putting that shot on don't you think?
And by the way, he's sleeping again while I on the other hand ... I think it's the change ... must go and find some chocolate.

Ame said...

LOL Mme! I find myself craving "chocolate" a few times a day too! And I think it's definitely the change! A GOOD change! ;)

Mme Benaut said...

You bet Ame ... I'm standing by my fan!!!!!!!