Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The Aldgate Village Pump.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the Chinese market gardeners, taking their produce to the Adelaide markets; the Cobb and Co horse drawn carriages, and travellers generally would water their horses at the village pumps along the way. Usually a tavern or pub would be found at such a location. The Aldgate pump and also the Aldgate Pump Hotel, adjacent, are at this crossroad, 20 kilometres, but much less than 20 minutes from the city centre.


lynn said...

Great to see these reminders of years gone past amongst modern daily life.

M.Benaut said...

Yup n doodie, maaam, but not as dangerous as your Tennessee courthouse escapade.
Crikey! and thanks Lynn. Do you feel like you're still on the run?

lynn said...

lol you read it then. Glad, thanks M. Benaut! Nope, and i don't really talk with a southern drawl either. lol.

Strange thing; the inspiration for that story was a dream i had, with most of those details in. Weird huh.

Anonymous said...

I did enlarge the picture and this is certainly one of your best pictures because of the history lesson that accompanies it. Seeing it in person would have been best. However, thank you for the glimpse into what once was a gathering point.


Ame said...

Clo? Who's Clo? Inquiring minds wanna knooooooooooooooooow! HEY! That rhymes...sorry, on my second glass of CA Cab!;) x

M.Benaut said...

G'day, Ame,
Well he said the other day he lives in the Bay Area.

More information obviously needed, Sir !!

Now you've got me talking with a Southern accent. Ame won't be able to understand us.
And, don't you dare go out in the cold right now, y' hear !!

Ame said...

LOL! Somehow..someway...I DON'T think he's from the BA...hmmmmmmm...and he's not a great speller either...hmmmmm...and CLO? Isn't that a feminine name? ;) So is there a shrimp on the barbie for me M-B? ;)

lynn said...

Ah, M. Benaut, nice to know you're looking after me thanks! Just been out to pay something into the bank, first time, but i do still feel v. rough so i'll heed your warnings.

Southern accents all round then, y'all hear? lol

M.Benaut said...

Now you jest mark my words, M"AAAM, s'only a cuppla days to gittin on that plane. (Sounds like I'm talking to Utsav, Sorry). Get all them wooly undies out, snow boots n stuff, n stuff em in the TRERRRNK. We'll organize them what needs organizin' an you have a little ripper time over there. Avoid Camilla but give the Girl and Dive a big thing from Mme. et Moi. Y'hear !!!
Y'all jist take it easy, don't need no relapses, cobber. Y' need to ease into stuff realllll slowwww. We'll send YOU some sunshine to share around.

Happy Valentine's Day to y'all.

Mme Benaut said...

Aldgate is OUR village!