Monday, 3 September 2007

Tomber en sommeil au travail

En Australie, nous avons une expression, "tomber en sommeil sur le travail". Il n'a vraiment rien en commun avec son travail de journée.
Plutôt, il se rapporte aux poursuites qui se produisent, longues après le coucher du soleil.
Ce petit Garçon dort pendant la journée, pour à pas "Dorment sur l'Emploi".

Falling asleep on the job

In Australia, we have an expression, "Falling asleep on the job". It really has nothing to do with one's daytime job. Rather, it refers to pursuits which occur, long after the setting of the sun.
This little Boy is sleeping during the daytime (?), in order to not "Sleep on the Job".


Anonymous said...

Interesting that some do sleep on the job.

Hope you get to see my bird today.

dive said...

He's got a great toy like that to play with and he goes to sleep?
What a dork!

Jules said...

Not again M Benaut - you Frenchmen are very naughty. My mother warned me about Frenchmen when I first went to Europe - so I went straight to France and have been back there 4 times!!!!

Obviously this man was doing all those illegal traffic moves yesterday and is just tuckered out!!!!

lyliane six said...

en anglais il y a une expression :tomber en amour? je préférerai, mais ici il est 11 heures pm et moi aussi je tombe de sommeil.