Saturday, 8 September 2007

Oeillets et blondes, dans le Carré Hindmarsh

Il y a cinq principaux carrés dans le mile carré de la ville d'Adelaide.
On appelle celui-ci le Carré Hindmarsh et le conseil a, comme d'habitude, planté beaucoup de fleurs, comme ces petits oeillets.
Pour les blonds, il est illégal de porter des chaussures et des chaussettes dans le Carré Hindmarsh.

Carnations and blonds in Hindmarsh Square.
There are five principal city squares in the square mile of the city of Adelaide.
This one is called Hindmarsh Square and the council has, as usual, planted lots of flowers, like these little carnations.
Blonds in Adelaide wouldn't wear shoes here, now, would they?


Anonymous said...

I wonder what they are talking about? It is a peaceful scene. She is in deep thought. She has a toe ring on and a tattoo above her ankle. It looks like a very nice day.

dive said...

Gosh what mucky feet she has!
And he's the very picture of sartorial elegance.

Marie said...

Les pieds de la blonde sont un peu sales, non?

Est-ce que la photo prouve que le printemps est arrivé à Adelaïde?

Bon voyage chez les kangourous :-))

claude said...

Very romantic ! Mais pour la blonde, marie a raison, elle n'aurait pas dû enlever ses chaussures ! Cela gâche un peu le tableau !

Jules said...

God that shiela has dirty feet!!!

Now not being a blonde - yet - I wouldn't really know why she has no shoes on.

I only hope he has no intentions of licking her toes!!!!

lyliane six said...

I leave have a rest in the Portugal, there is the sun. tTheir national holiday is called : the revolution of carnations. See you soon.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Is it a ring on her toe or a corn-plaster?

Anyhow - good on 'er - what was good enough for sandie shaw ...

Bergson said...

Je crois qu'il a peur de se salir les pieds comme madame.

Il faudrait sans doute laver l'herbe tous les matins