Monday, 24 September 2007

Notre neuvieme annuele feu de joie

Ce poste est pour vous tout, et particulièrement pour Marie, Michael et Eric, qui ne pourraient pas voyager dix-sept mille kilomètres pour mettre le feu à quelques branchements !
Le soir était l'occasion pour célébrer l'Équinoxe et brûler notre tas de bois et branchments, après l'annulation en juin, de notre feu de joie annuel régulier.
Nous nous sommes avérés, que le jour et la nuit n'étaient pas de la même durée et que les astronomes se sont trompés bien.

Ici vous pouvez voir le contingent français, avec les Italiens et les Australiens, (que tous parlent un dialecte britannique bête), en flânant à l'arrière.

Ceux-là qui n'ont pas parlé de français étaient le dernier à être nourri. Le minuit, tout le monde parlait le français, naturellement.

This post is for you all; - and especially for Marie, Michael and Eric, who could not travel seventeen thousand kilometres to set fire to some branches !
The evening was an occasion to celebrate the Equinox, and to burn our pile of wood, after the cancellation in June, of our regular annual bonfire. We proved that day and night we NOT of the same length and the astronomers were just lost souls !
By midnight, most were lost souls too, and totally fluent in French also ???


Steve Buser said...

Je pense que le minuit tout le monde parle tous les lanques.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Marie said...

Eh bien, on ne s'ennuie pas à Adelaide!!!!!!!!!!!!

One can't get bored in Adelaide. Not like here. I went to a feminist meeting today (strange idea, isn't it?) and I sprained my left wrist. I dont know how I did that but it hurts!!! The lady in my post is from Sydney. I was too happy to talk to the Australian rugby fans. I mentioned you and my friend from Sydney, Alex Rosinko, who must have vanished in the bush, by the way.

Gaëlle said...

It certainly looks like a fun night/party!

Je crois bien que Steve Buser a raison ! Moi, certain de mes amis sont parfaitement "fluent in English" passé minuit alors qu'en temps normal ils savent à peine comment se présenter !

CaBaCuRl said...

Thank you M Benaut for setting to rights the beer drinking prowess of Aussie women in Marie's blog. I would hate the world to think we didn't drink beer!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for a great night...'Luigi and me' have never seen a party bonfire as big as that before.

Sorry we could not stay and sit by the bonfire with you to see the sun come up.

Anonymous said...

Rob, you are welcome my friend. I did sit up with the fire all night as the wind picked up during the night and at 7.00 am several large gusts of wind made me take the decision to put the fire out. I think I went to bed at 8.30 am! Thank you Pat for your beautifully decorated pavlova too - it wouldn't be an Aussi BBQ without a pav. Thanks to all of our friends who came along and made it such a fun night.

dive said...

Wow! Bush fires, beer and barbie. How much more Australian can you get?

M.Benaut said...

Steve Buser,
I agree, and many went home speaking French with a Swahili accent. Perhaps when you attend next year they will depart with a New Orleans accent !

It's possible that Alex was at our bonfire. There were a lot of Europeans there but I didn't hear any Polish spoken, (before midnight !)

Bleeding Orange,
We hardly knew what anyone was saying after 12. The night was so warm that all enjoyed a little vin rouge.

You must come down for the next tasting; and bring some Eumundi beer !!

Herr Schaussengraben,
Holen Sie bitte Luigi zum folgenden Feuer. Bitte holen Sie auch ein anderes pavlova. Es schmeckte sehr gut.

M. Dive,
Cobber, we expect the Queen's representative next June. She tells me that that's you, mate !!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Oh this is so much fun! You two seem to be masters at fiesta-making. I wonder how many beers it takes for an Aussie to speak fluent French? Or did you have some of those lovely SA wines?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant fire photo, looks like it was a great night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hospitality even though i was only there for 5 mins