Friday, 14 September 2007

Quand le soleil dit bonjour à la mer

À six heures le matin, tous les Kangourous et Pingouins sont en sommeil, mais il est temps de se lever.
Aujoud'hui nous avons des Abeilles et des Fous de Bassan à visiter.

Très spectaculaires à observer, les Fous de Bassan planent haut dans les airs avant de plonger comme des flèches dans la mer à grande vitesse lorsqu'ils aperçoivent une proie. Très puissants, et agiles en vol, ils sont cependant assez maladroits au décollage et à l'atterrissage. Ils se nourrissent surtout de petits poissons tels que le maquereau, le hareng, le capelan et le lançon, ainsi que de calmars.
Ces oiseaux attendaient le clic de mon appareil-photo pour les effrayer loin, à American River que vous verrez sur la carte d'hier. Les abeilles peuvent attendre jusqu'à demain !

At six in the morning all the kangaroos and penguins are still sleeping, but it's time to get up.
Today, we have Bees and Gannets to check out.
Very spectacular to watch, Gannets hunt fish by diving from a height (up to 100 feet), into the sea and pursuing their prey underwater. They can achieve speeds of 100 km/h as they strike the water, enabling them to catch fish much deeper than most airborne birds.
These birds were waiting for the click of my camera to scare them away at American River - which you will see on yesterday's map.
The bees can wait until the morrow !


Rogério Freitas Sousa said...

trés jolie....

drpack said...

Beautiful sunset!
Don't think I'll be able to get there with Harley! She's a bit unsteady on water!
You'll have to elicit someone else to help with the breakfast! Maybe next time!
Enjoy the trip ... as I'm sure you will.

Michael Salone said...

Bonjour M et just back from Brazil and catching up on your blog and photos. I love the title of this appropriate. I see that this island is in the Indian Ocean, another place in the world I'd like to visit. Maybe one day. I'm still confused about the bees, but guess I'll have to wait until "the morrow".

Marie said...

C'est vrai que le titre du post est très joli. C'est un lever de soleil vraiment spectaculaire.

Je n'avais jamais vu de fous de Bassan.

dive said...

That's just too gorgeous for words.