Monday, 17 September 2007

Nous reviendrons bientôt en Australie Meridionale

Quand on revient à Penneshaw, de American River, il y a quelques belles vues, en donnant sur le Backstairs Passage et vous pouvez clairement voir le "Terre Large et Brune" au loin. Voici une photo de Christmas Cove encore, d'un autre direction et de quelques maisons sur le bord des falaises.

Au quai de Penneshaw, le bateau chauffe ses moteurs, dans la préparation pour le voyage de retour de 40 minutes au territoire continental.

We will soon return to Australia

When one returns to Penneshaw, from American River, there are some beautiful views, overlooking Backstairs Passage, and you can clearly see the "Wide, Brown Land" in the distance. Here is another photo of Christmas Cove from the other direction and some homes on the edge of the cliffs.

At the Penneshaw quai, the ferry is warming it's motors, in preparation for the 40 minute return trip to the mainland


dive said...

"Backstairs Passage"? Really? Hee hee. I love the Australian sense of humour.
Though all these blue skies and blue seas are driving me crazy stuck here in Pomland.

claude said...

nice photo ! Bautiful landscape ! The boat remindsq me the one we took in West French Indies between 2 Islands Guadeloupe and Martiniquein carrabean sea.

Trueblue Bob said...

I regularly go to Kangaroo Island but after Dive's comment, future 'crossings' of Backstairs Passage will never be the same!!

M.Benaut said...

You are making the natives, restless, Monsieur !

You must return in the Summer when it's nice and warm. That's when all the caribéennes come to Australia to get away from the cold weather !

You must take a sign which says, "Accès Interdite", mein herr !!