Monday, 26 March 2007

La vie en tant que célibataire avec des centaines de chats. 'Baching' in Adelaide with cats to feed.

In Australia, our friends live further away than in England, for example. Australia has an area of three million square miles, which is slightly larger than mainland USA.
When Madame visits Marie in Sydney, 1155 kilometres away, there are pussy cats to feed, and to make it easy for this humble male, Madame has left pages of instructions and gallons of cat food. With all these hungry cats, there is certainly no time left to mow the lawns and clean out the gutters. (And Lynn in Gloucestershire has been reminding me each night at feeding time!)

Malheureusement tous nos chats sont timides de l'appareil-photo. Vous devrez attendre jusqu'à ce que leurs ventrex seront pleins.


Mme Benaut said...

Oh mon cheri, please put that kangaroo meat back in the freezer!! Lovely photo darling - makes me feel just a little bit homesick. Wonderful surprise.
Our shopping expedition was very successful and I have a few treats for you too!
Just spoke to Maman and she IS driving down to Brisbane to collect me so no need to worry about me fending for myself on the bus.
I love you darling ... a bientot.

M.Benaut said...

Don't tell the world that we feed our cats using our National emblem !!

lynn said...

Ah great to see, M! Also very touching to see your personal note Mme, how privileged i feel.

No need to remind you today, then, M. you have the pic to make you think!

alice said...

How many cats are living with you, Mr Benaut? I ask this question because under a certain number, you can't escape your other chores!

M.Benaut said...

Nous avons seulement cinq chats, Alice. Mais le dimanche, je dois faire mes devoirs parce que le lundi j'ai ma classe française et ma professeure est très féroce.
Elle me détruira si mon passé composé n'est pas parfait !

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord. I hope if you do feed cats on kangaroo that they only use those killed on the roads. Road kill is fine but perfectly normal Joeys. No way.
720 Pixels

M.Benaut said...

Monsieur le President,
You will also be horrified to be made aware that kangaroo meat is commercially available at all butcher shops pretty much throughout Australia.
It is quite a gamey tasting meat and very low in cholesterol. It's not to everyone's taste but it's quite delicious when cooked on a very high heat and served rare or medium-rare.
Emu is also available and has an almost chicken-taste, but sweeter.
Yes, we eat both animals on our Australian Emblem!

Kate said...

Have you posted pics of the cats? Will you?

I guess eating emu or kangeroo meat isn't any worse than eating lamb or veal which is widely available in North American and European countries!

M.Benaut said...

I agree, Kate,
It is not as if they are an endangered species. People in other countries probably see them as cute and cuddly as they are displayed in the media in these sort of ways. Kangaroos can eat out crops as they are herbivores, and when travelling in the Outback, a high speed crash with a Big Red can, and has, wiped out vehicles with families. The dangerous time on these roads, is just after sunset and before dawn. However, you are correct about farm animals. See Michael's tongue-in-cheek comment at Cheltenham DP today.
Now we definitely don't eat pussy cats!!! Photos will therefore follow. Perhaps Felix will get the 'grid position'.

Michael said...

What a nice post and lovely dedication to each other. I'm sure that the cats will eat whatever you serve, so you might even want to have Lynn ship over some of number 57 she has on the menu there!

M.Benaut said...

I wouldn't eat Heinz, just as you wouldn't catch an Adelaide tram, Monsieur, for exactly the same reason. But I sure as hell will be heading to Bordeaux to see the unique ground level power supply system used for their new ALSTOM trams.
September in France; no worries.

M.Benaut said...

Now that poses a problem. Adelaide DP will have to post photos that look Australian, but from France. Hmmmmm, will have to conjure-up something in the way of a camoflage.
Michael, how can one make the Viaduc Millau look Australian?
I had better take some kangaroos !!!

Curly said...

Cats..........oh dear, I'm just starting to get used to them! Enough there to keep you busy!

Ame said...

Well M-B...from the looks of that display, don't think any of us would have to worry about M-T tummies if we came to visit you in that "Land Down UNDER!"

How long are you going solo?


Monica said...

M.Benaut!!! That's a lovely photo with the personal notes and all! You two are cute!
When I saw this I immediately remembered my brother because he has 2 cats. One is a boy, he is black and his name is Bono. The other is a girl, she's white, she's impossible and her name is Demi. I love cats and dogs, but I'm more of a dog person.

I know you asked for some beach pics too with NO boys... so I posted more beach pics and NO boys, as requested!!!

isabella said...

M-B, please post some photos of your cats, so we'll have proof that you did not starve them to death...