Saturday, 3 March 2007

The Motorcycle Toy Run

Every year, the motorcycle riders of Adelaide gather at Glenelg Beach, to ride in the Motorcycle Toy Run to Hahndorf in the Hills. Over 20,000 bikes take part in this rally and riders donate and deliver toys to charities, who distribute them to children. The rally takes a few hours to pass any point and thousands of spectators line the route. My vantage point was at Crafers on the south east freeway. Many riders perform "wheel stands" as they pass under bridges lined with children and the accompanying Police riders just grin and wave. Please click on image to enlarge.


Monica from rio said...

What a great reason to be running! Making charity and having fun at the same time, seems perfect! Great shot!

lynn said...

Great idea! This is a superb shot.

Ame said...

WOW! His knee is so sharp and clear! ;) Fun post M-b!

Up to no good this weekend?


julia said...

Sense of action is fun. 20 000-awesome, ours was smaller, of course and was a photo opportunity too, several months ago.

M.Benaut said...

Thanks, girls,
It made the kids happy in lots of ways.
You know, I took 367 photos that morning, narrowed it down to 37 and that's one of the best. I couldn't use my right hand for 12 hours after. RSI. The things I do for you guys !!
Knee trembling was at the Hahndorf Pub after. More girls there than bikers. I'm allllways BAD on the weekend, after all that's what Aussies do best. Just like Californicat,,,,,,,,,,s !!!
Welcome to Adelaide, it's great to meet you and now I'm off to Newcastle. See you there.
Yes, the toy run is like an invasion from outer space. It literally takes over the road system all morning.

Ame said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah yessssss, you Red Hot Chili Pepper you! LOL! ;) So let's hear Oz's name for "baps!" Curiosity is killin' me! =)))

M.Benaut said...

Well, Ame, mmmmmm,
It's not too often that I have to commit my favourite subject to the written word, M"AAM. There are so many colourful words everywhere and I had never heard 'Baps' until M. Dive came out with it last week. I didn't really take to it at all, but this, being a subject of foremost importance; I reckon 'boobs' is sort of polite, 'norks' is old fashioned and 'bazookas' sort of busts out don't you think? I do however feel sorry for the French, they get confused a bit and call them 'seins', ("le sein") which is masculine. Glad I was not a teenager in France !!! Perhaps this could be investigated more thoroughly on the next theme day. The test is to stand on a street corner in hot weather of course and say to each pretty girl walking past, "nice (....), madameoiselle", and see what reaction you get.
I do hope this helps. If not, then you had both better travel this way next time (and Dive too.) I think Australians would be better informed on this subject than all that riff raff up north !!!!

Oya said...

What a great event. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Even watching must have been fun.

Biker_Blogs said...

What a great motorcycle event. Nice photo. I like your style of writing. I am planing to start a riding next week with about 6 riding buddies I met on I wonder if you are interested in joining us?

Best regards

M.Benaut said...

Thank you for your visit to my blogsite and your great comments. I would dearly love to get back on a bike again after an absence of many, many years.
However, I am a long way away from Austin Texas. I wonder how I can do that?

harleyback said...

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