Saturday, 31 March 2007

Good taste and bad taste.

Adelaide's General Post Office built in 1867, is one of the city's gracious Victorian buildings.
In it's earlier days, the arrival of mail from Britain was indicated by a flag during the day and a red light at night. Today the lovely interior resembles a flea market with garish postal-type advertising clashing with the elegant, old Victorian detailing. What's the world coming to?


Monica said...

This building seems so charming that if I were there I would still pay more attention to the architecture, not the advertising.

M.Benaut would you like to take a look at some pictures of my last trips? This time there are girls in it, I promisse (at least one girl, moi!) If so, click

Is Mme.B back already from her lovely trip?!!

M.Benaut said...

Hi, Monica,
Yep, It's 1:08 AM Saturday, here, and herself arrived back from Queensland at 9PM last night. She said that the water temperature in the sea at Alexandra Headland, near Mooloolaba, was 26 C. The temperature there, today was 33 C and 79 percent humidity.
Thank you for the link to your Europe shots. I had been going through them last night, but it was nearly 2:30 AM and I was too sleepy to leave a comment. I love the shots with you in them of course.
I have been to Venice, Rome and Paris, but not to Nice. So it was taking a long time to go through them slowly and remember those times.
For some reason, I remembered a street in Rome, in a shot you posted, but it doesn't appear to be there today. Did you remove it? I can remember having been there, at a Caffe, but can't remember the name of the street.
Wouldn't you think that the French would remove all those disgusting stones from beaches and replace them with sand !!
At least Brazil and Oz, have the world's best beaches and the rest of the world can visit us.

Monica said...

Hi M.B.! For me it´s always a delight to go through photos, not only mine! I´m glad you enjoyed it!
I din´t remove any picture, you probably have to look at the older posts (they don´t appear in the front page). At the upper right part of the blog there´s a link to the older photos. There are also a few pictures from our trips in Brasil and I´ll put some photos of this last short trip to Buzios too.

Once we live near the company of the sea it´s hard no to get used to it isn´t it? Everything seems so much happier and brighter where there are beaches (even in a place like Rio with the problems we have here, you know what I mean).
Well, hope you had a good night of sleep!

dive said...

At least it's still a beautiful building, MB. They've not knocked it down to build a mall yet. I hope all the people working there take the time to look up occasionally and marvel at the beauty.

Dear Prudence said...

The building is incredible if you can see the "forest for the FLEAS!"

Glad your darlin has returned safe and sound and indulging her furry little friends.

Have a great weekend.