Tuesday, 13 March 2007

"Come on then where's that hideously messy desk? I can't wait."

From time to time, women place monumental demands on men, which is one reason the world goes round.
Without women in the world, the globe might as well spin the wrong way.
Two women have conspired to FORCE me to post a photo of my humble desk. One of them, my dear girl, has not even included the photo of Marilyn Monroe, mandatory in any bloke's office, when she snuck-in, with camera, while I was attending my French class "ce soir". The other one, "la grande perpetratreuse", sits comfortably in Cheltenham, UK, smugly thinking that her challenge has fallen on deaf ears.
ASIDE: Now, the stolen numberplate is revealed for all the world to see and the gendarmes will be after me. I hope that Stéphan will not dob me in !


lynn said...

LOL !!!! 'la grande perpetratreuse' - i LOVE it! he he I feel extremely naughty indeed along with your lady wife we entrapped, nay forced as you say, you!

Well. Where do i start? It's not nearly as messy as i'd thought. Thought, not because of your character, but simply your reticence to share it! he he. The stolen number plate makes me laugh. Where did you get the gorgeous old clock - stolen from school when teach wasn't looking?
I see i'm even on the screen - yay lol! Great post this is. I'm sure that Marilyn is just lovely (if you like that sort of thing, huh Mme) but Mme tastefully left her out of this one. lol. Hope Dive turns up.

Monica said...

OMG, I´m on the screen too! Very tiny but I recognize my little pic! Nice space you got there!

I LOL at your comment M.Benaut. Here´s what you wanted to say:
"Você disse palavras muito agradáveis.
Eu te agradeço.
Portugues é difícil de falar."

Yes I know, portuguese is way too difficult and I appreciate your effort, it´s very cute. Your french on the other hand is very very good huh!

M.Benaut said...

No, Lynn, that one's downstairs and made by the National Time Recorder Company of Blackfriars, London SE. I'll show it to you one day.
The numberplate was lying in the gutter in Toulouse in 1998, and for those interested in French numberplates, go to this website to prove my point.


Actually, the French word for 'Perpetrator', is malfaiteur/malfaiteuse, but I made-up the above, just for you! It has a 'nicer' tone, n'est-ce pas?

dive said...

Hee hee. Nice one, MB.
I think "malfaiteuse" suits our Lynn very well … hee hee.
That's a cute Mac and a splendid clock.
Good to see the little bit of Adelaide that sends us all the other bits.

lynn said...

he he yes i like the word very much; especially as it's just for me :) lol! I also like the intro about women by the way. Certainly the reason the world goes round, not sure about any demands we make... what are those then? :) that's my innocent smile.

Ame said...

Boohoooooooooooooooo...no Moi? I'm gutted... =(((

And M-B! It WAS artsy-fartsy! ;)

OK, guess I have to get this webcam up and running and post a shot of my digs!

PS: Love your "clock" too...I said CLOCK! ;)

lynn said...

More coffee break fiction at Things UK! Put that kettle on... x

freelancer said...

Pourquoi une plaque ménéralogique de toulouse ?

Why a meneralogic plate of Toulouse?

alice said...

I'm very surprised to see how many people are learning French...Well,very soon, all my comments will be in French,, quel confort pour moi!
Toulouse, belle région! ;-)

M.Benaut said...

That clock,
You can tell that blogging down-under happens late at night because you lot live in the wrong place.
That's what I meant by "Nous ne dormons, jamais", once, on PDP. (We never sleep !!!!!)

I just LOVE the French language and hope to be back there later this year. While studying French and French internet sites, I discovered Eric and Paris Daily Photo. That was how it all began. I realize that most of our Blogging friends do not 'comprend' the French, so I use it when I am enthusiastic, and also just to make Ame angry. (Which is impossible !)
It is like a geologist finding a new rock or an ornithologist finding a new bird.
As well as trams, I also have a love for "Plaques D'Immatriculation". A little souvenir of a beautiful city. Lucky I am not, "sommeil dans une prison".

lynn said...

M. You and i found Eric in the same way then! I love using my French and i wish i could find a good conversational group - there isn't one! I studied to uni level but if you don't use it, you lose it!

M.Benaut said...

Your level is undoubtedly above mine when it comes to French. I find the listening and hearing is the greatest challenge and to that end I crave the company of French speakers. At French class each week, we spend one hour studying tenses grammar and the like, and then struggle with the listening!
I usually tune-in to TV; 'France 24' every day (on my computer), and also listen to videos on 'Le Monde', 'La Figaro' and 'L'Express'.
On my Apple computer I have now, "Eye TV".
Here, on the bottom, is the site for: Alliance Française de Londres.
Hope this is useful, bon chance!

Look at these,






M.Benaut said...

If anyone else out in Blogland has more interesting French sites, I would be grateful to hear about them.

Here is another nice one.


lynn said...

No, M. Benaut. At one time, perhaps. Now, i so rarely use it and you are right the listening is so important and, frankly, terrifying! So fast. It was always the worst part of exams. For everyone. I hardly ever talk to French people now or even those who speak French. That was my motivation in the beginning in finding Eric and those little French phrases help the memory along!

M.Benaut said...

Merci, I recommend france 24 on your computer.
Look for, and click on La "CHAINE EN DIRECT", which is "live feed".
You can also get it in ARABIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bloody hell. I learnt some arabic as a v. young child, but today there is too much else going on in the world, like ,,,,,,,

lynn said...

All those recommendations are great M. Benaut, thanks! I do love to keep it up. (sly wink there)

M.Benaut said...

Sly winks never go unnoticed. They can be heard before they are seen.

Toulouse Photo Day said...

Hi M.Benaut,
this photo is very interesting!
I didn't imagine that a french vehicle number plates could be a decoration somewhere. It is very funny!
Do you know that the last two digits in France refer to the code number of the departement where they were regisrered (cars registered in the Haute Garonne (Toulouse) bear the number 31, for example.

M.Benaut said...

Je suis très fier de mon plaque d'immatriculation français.
J'ai fait ma recherche, avec l'aide d'Eric de PDP parce que j'ai vu que les plaques parisiens a tout eu le numéro 75. Il m'a informé aller à ce Web-site.


Je l'ai trouvé sur la Rue Lafon, près de la gare.
La raison pour laquelle j'ai édité cette photo, était pour votre plaisir, monsieur. Je suis heureux que vous l'ayez vue.

M.Benaut said...

M. Freelancer,
This explanation is also for you too. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to be so slow in my response to you.