Wednesday, 14 March 2007

L'Alliance Française d'Adelaïde

L'Alliance Française d'Adelaïde is my regular Monday evening dose of culture, French language learning, and jolly good fun.
The teachers are great, they all come from France or a French speaking country and speak French as their native language. Some Monday evenings, my friend, here, and I, travel to Quebec, Montreal or Paris to make mischief, and report on our findings. Sometimes we have lunch with M. Chirac and M. Villepin at the Eiffel Tower restaurant and other times we explore beautiful little villages in Quebec Province.
L'Alliance Française d'Adelaïde has a most friendly atmosphere, encouraging interaction and communication. Merci beaucoup mes amis.


lynn said...

Oh i think Johnny who comments at Paris would be v. envious. He suffered non-French teachers recently and was most annoyed.

This looks a great place to be, M. Benaut and your dapper friend. When you travel next, why not drop in to Cheltenham? May not be France, but i do speak the lingo!

M.Benaut said...

Oui Madame, mais, naturellement. Ce serait mon plus grand plaisir.

Monica said...

M.Benaut, you did not fail at portuguese at all! ;-)
Now, speaking of Alliance Française, there´s a branch here in Rio too. Although I don´t go there. I take classes with a french teacher every thursday night. But I´m so far behind you guys. Reading is so much easier than speaking and hearing, specially when they speak fast. But it´s a delight! I also try to be surrounded by french sites and movies and tv to get in touch with the language. Last year when I was in France I realized I need to be more fluent, so I started my classes again. Maybe this year when I´m there I´ll do better!

And that´s also how I discovered PDP, searching for sites about french and about Paris!

There´s an interesting site for learners named ´A french word a day´ (although they don´t really teach a new word on a daily basis)

A bientôt!

Oya said...

It is so exiting to learn a new language. Brings a whole new world into your life...I speak English, German and Turkish of course. Maybe it is time for another one. Have fun:)

alice said...

On apprend toujours mieux dans la bonne humeur, même le français qui est loin d'être facile!

lynn said...

Mme. Rather a personal Q. We're having some amusing girly memories over at Robyn's (link at Things UK) over who on earth still wears slips?? A good question i thought and wonder if you'd like to join in. Monica too if you'd like. Bring cheesecake. Goodness here i am inviting you to another's place. The nerve! No M. Benaut, it's not for boys (well there are some there and i find it all rather questionable i might say LOL!)

Mme Benaut said...

Have visited Robyn's dear Lynn - what a treasure trove and not a slip in sight!

lynn said...

he he x

Ame said...

Hi Mr. Adelaide!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm...ya know? Wed nite? Guess I'll just sit in front of my webcam and take pictures of myself all nite! LOL!


Fun snap ya have here! Sure wish I was fluid...and fluent in another lingo! Dingo....the dog! Just humor me...I just woke up from an 11-hour sleep...had been (literally) deprived for 60 hours!!! I'm tellin' ya....these female whore-moans...they'll catch up to a girl and do craaaaaaazy NOT LET ME SLEEP--maybe it was the new that is!!

No one else is really reading this right? Ah heck, they know I'm a nutcase anyway! LOL! ;)

M.Benaut said...

Hi nut case,
I'm sure that Bloggers go nuts equally as much as citizens, and alll this blogging does shit heaps to one's sleeping patterns. I find that I'm posting at midnite, that's 6-30 AM yesterday in California. I then find that you guys are commenting straight away and so i get to bed at 2 AM. I reckon I should do it (Do it? ) at brekkie time,,,, shit I dunno!!!!
How do you make a whore, moan?
Y' kick her on the leg!!
I can't post 2nite coz blogger is having lady's day!!!
Hey, Ame, we all luv ya and jest settle down and recognize that YOU are the MOST important person in your world. So. Look after y'self and let them all go hang. Lady, READ my lips and slow up. To be a good person for others, you must be a good person for YOURSELF, first.
Serious, M"aam re-read wot I said, Kisses M-B

Monica said...

M.Benaut, looking at your pic again I think I see some resemblance with the famous detective. nah, you´re even more handsome!!!
Red wine in the middle of the week? Good call!

And you know what? I think Alliance Française building in Rio is very similar to Adelaide´s, with this arch in the front and all.

Ame said...

Aaaawwww...shucks! Tanks for the love M-B...will take your sage advice to heart! ;)xo

M.Benaut said...

Yes, I remember JonnyP saying that on PDP. Oh, well, we should all take a year off and live the life of Riley en France, n'est-ce pas!. I think I would live at Cap D'Agde and become a hedonist. What sayest thou? A ce moment Blogger, il ne fait pas. So I can't post nuthin'. Grande merde!

I am truly impressed that you do the things that you do. French studies on Thursday and travelling en France last year. I am un peu envious. Wouldn't it be nice to get everyone to Paris at the same time and see how we might hear what the French are saying. I think it would take a while to tune our ears-in !!! Do we know of someone who could rent us a villa and,,,,,,,perhaps Eric might donate his holiday house in mmmmmm the Loire Valley. Yes Fontainebleu par example!!
The famous detective, Vous êtes correct. Je suis plus beau qu'il est!!

Just get both y' little cotton pickers DOWN here toute de suite, M"AAM, we'll sort everything out in the best Ozzie way, no worries. That's what we do BEST, y'hear. It's the Australian way.

M.Benaut said...

How can anyone ?
Das ist sehr gut. Sie sprechen drei unterschiedliche Sprachen. Mein Gott.
I have no conception of the Turkish language and when I am in Istanbul, I am humbled by my lack of language skills.
Meine vier Kinder sprechen Deutsches und mein grosser Sohn, in München spricht französisch sehr gut auch.

C'est le Français, qui rendent la bonne humeur si drôle ! ! ! Je suis impatient pour retourner à un si beau pays.
It is so nice to speak with French people but we English speakers wish to listen and hear the French speech in order to improve our comprehension.

Monica said...

M.Benaut, did you say to Oya something like: "this is very good, you speak 3 languages... my fourth son speaks (or my four children speaks?) german and my older in Munchen speaks very good french too"

Did I get anything right?

Nathalie said...

Bravo l'Alliance Francaise !
Il faut ecrire en francais tous les jours maintenant!

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