Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The State Library of South Australia

Situated on one of Adelaide's wide boulevards, North Terrace, Adelaide's State Library is currently holding the National Treasures exhibition, a free travelling exhibition from Australia's National, State and Territory Libraries that tells a rich and remarkable story about our history, our nation, our treasures and our libraries.
It brings together, for the first time, more than 170 extraordinary items that have shaped our nation. One can see iconic items such as Ned Kelly's helmet, James Cook's Endeavour Journal, and a complete convict uniform. This landmark exhibition includes South Australian treasures of national significance from our own library collections.
And; the sun is still shining brightly in Adelaide, it's 26°C. March in Adelaide. No worries.


Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I love each place tell us our story, from where we come and definitely what we are. I hope to visit it one day !

lynn said...

Looks very hot and peaceful there! Have the cats had their breakfast, Monsieur?

Mandi said...

Looking like a nice building.

Mme Benaut said...

Bonsoir Cheri,
J'ai arrivee a Alex Headland. Lovely photo of the Library.
Lynn: Lots of sunshine in Adelaide. Thank you for reminding M.B to feed my babies - he's at Alliance Francaise at the moment. Home in a couple of hours.
Love you darling. All is well. Maman's joint is quite cute. One block from the beach. Lovely garden.
Talk later -after you have cuddled Sascha and brushed Kittypuss - ok??

dive said...

Wow! That sounds like a brilliant exhibition, MB. And a beautiful building, too (you know I'm a sucker for your old buiilding photos).

lynn said...

What are the things in the foreground, tables, chairs or untouchable ornamentals?

M.Benaut said...

Adelaide is an easy place to live with all the facilities one needs. We call Adel. the 20 minute city, because nothing much takes longer to get to. We live in the hills, 25 kilometres from the heart of town and it takes less than 20 min. to get there. In peak hour when Mme. went to the airport, Friday, it took about 30 minutes for about 30 kilometres. The climate is cool in winter and warm to hot in Summer. High humidity is rare. Get on that plane, mate !!
Yep, it was 26 today but the nights are getting cooler, and yep, again, the little buggers all have their beautiful little snouts in the trough !
We have quite a few Victorian style buildings. I'll try and show you some others.
Ripper M. Dive,
I will get you some others too. Perhaps not with an Ottoman influence.
They are a water "feature". How I hate that word. There's nothing untouchable in Adelaide !!

Anonymous said...

The rest of the story with more photos is at

720 pixels

my other blog. It has a shot of an old poster, an outdoor sign and more. Thought you might like to see that too if you like old wood things and all the craftsmanship that goes with that 1849 era.

M.Benaut said...

Merci, Monsieur,
I have already visited. That's how I knew the age of the mill. Except I should have said 158 years, not 160 years old. Poor mental arithmetic!
Your photos are wonderful, no, they are masterpieces, all.
I would encourage everyone to visit your site!

Monica said...

M.Benaut, Adel. seems like such a wonderful place to live, beautiful, peaceful and sunny! This building is very beautiful, very nice shot.

I think perhaps I should visit the beaches from down there huh?!

freelancer said...

Thanks for your post m.benaut. Where is William ?

M.Benaut said...

M. Freelancer et Romain,

The photo of William was posted on Saturday 10 March.
At the bottom of each page, please click on 'Older Posts', and scroll back to 10 March.
Il joue avec son ami qui s'appelle 'Winnie L'Ourson' '.
Quand il vient ensuite à Adelaïde il apprendra plus environ Tigrou, Porcinet, Coco Lapin, Petit Gourou et Bourriquet.

Ame said...

Ripper of a shot there Clobber! ;) xo

alice said...

Yes, c'est bien joli tout ça, but where are the cats?