Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Felix spricht nicht französisch. Felix ne parle pas français. Το Felix δεν μιλά τα γαλλικά.

Since everyone is most concerned with the gastronomical preferences of Adelaide pussy cats, here is one well-fed example.
Don't expect to see the others right now, because photographing them all at the same time is akin to slamming a revolving door.


Mandi said...

Glad they have a choice! ;-) Your cat looks very sweet.

lynn said...

Very beautiful cat. Not the best idea to stand in your dinner, though, is it? lol.

M.Benaut said...

Now, that's not fair, Lynn. I have taught Felix everything he knows !!!
Try clicking and enlarging the shot. He's not British, you know. But yes he is exceptionally beautiful, must take after his mother!
You obviously have very good taste.

Dsole said...

enlarging the photo is so advisable to see all the cat details. He's beautiful!

Mandy said...

How does he manage to keep so brilliantly white?

Monica said...

So THIS is Felix, the cat!!!!


Monica said...

Meanwhile, are you getting comission for all this Whiskas advertising??!!! You should! ;-)

Dear Prudence said...

Beautiful kitty M.Benaut. When I awake and when I return, every night from work, at least 9 of my furry family members are waiting for me on my breakfast bar for their meal. They all eat together, up out of the way of the dogs. It looks as though your wife will be well pleased with the great care you are giving your pets.

isabella said...

Indeed well-fed! Is this the feline equivalent of "a kid in a candy store?"

Ame said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm...I'm not sure about I detect a little cynical look there on Puss?

I'm sure the room and board is top-notch!

When does the Missus get home Mate?
;) xo

Mme Benaut said...

Hi Ame - the Missus gets home on Friday night!!
My darling M.B - what a trick you are, putting my little boy on the screen for me to talk to. Thank you mon cheri.
To all of those worried (Lynn) about Felix eating at OUR table; I should point out that this is HIS table. I taught the cats to jump up for dinner when I had my spinal surgery because I couldn't bend down to feed them and with Felix the habit stuck, partly because the female cats (with the exception of Sascha) give him a tough time because he is neutered, I think. This is not his best photo; he was a little disturbed by the camera I think and yes Monica, whiskas and friskies should definitely pay us advertising royalties!!
Dear P - I am so impressed that you have 9 cats! I am even more impressed that they wait for you on the breakfast bar. Most people don't realise that a cat's paws are often cleaner that a lot of human hands.
Darling M.B - we are having a quiet morning; pottering in the garden and I have been taking photos of Maman's place for you on replacement disposable cameras.
Dinner last night with Zach (my nephew) was terrific - he is a most entertaining little chap (9 years old). He loves red capsicum and garlic bread and lettuce.
Today we are going to collect him and take him to his Tae Kwon Do lesson -he has a yellow belt.
Talk later my love. Je t'aime B., je t'aime et je te manque.

lynn said...

ahhh it's all so touching, these personal messages are wonderful!

I would enlarge it, M.B., but you know that i am already a little nervous of cats and so to have it there HUGE on my monitor just might be a little much. Eek.

M.Benaut said...

EEK, Aussi, Lynn.

Dear Prudence said...

M, I actually have 12.... but they are indoor/outdoor cats so they are not all in at the same time.

Z said...

If you ask me, Felix doesn't look all that happy about having the camera shoved in his face! He's probably thinking: annoying paparazzi!