Friday, 16 March 2007

The Elder Park Rotunda

Adelaide's Elder Park Rotunda, on the southern bank of the River Torrens, was erected in 1882. It was named after the Elder family who were early colonial settlers in South Australia.
Elder Park is the home of the annual Christmas Carols by Candlelight in Adelaide and it also hosts Symphony under the Stars and the Adelaide Festival of Arts.
This shot is a thank you to Gerald of Hyde Daily Photo , who posted 'Hyde Park Bandstand' on March 10 2007, and also to Ame of Santa Clara Daily Photo , who made me laugh with her most objective comment, that day!


Gerald England said...

A vey nice looking bandstand and with a little lake in front -- I wonder how many trombones have landed in there over the years.

Ame said...


Very cool shot...altho' Gerald already WOWWED me with his "A-F" Gazebo snap! LOL!

OK, I guess I'll give you sloppy seconds rights! LOL! ;)

Just lock me up NOW!
=))) xo

lynn said...

Great open shot!

Kate said...

The design of the rotunda is very attractive. Nice shot.

santy said...

love to see how crowded it would be when there's an art festival. very nice park!

DraMa said...

AH-HA! There you are! There was no link in your comments so I had to Google your site:)

It's beautiful! I look forward to seeing more pictures:)

M.Benaut said...

Gerald, The River Torrens is probably full of them.
Ame, Sloppy second, no worries, M"AAM.
Lynn, It's your turn for a rotunda perhaps, must be 1000's in Glos.
Kate, A Mexican rotunda with inchaladas. Hope the new house is feeling good and the backyard studio has airconditioning.
Santy, Outdoor night concerts are fun here, thanks for dropping in.
DraMa, Thanks also, I'LL have to ponder that one. I thought one just clicked-on "comments'. Not sure exactly, but it's nice to see you in Adelaide and I'll try to keep you smiling where possible.