Friday, 23 March 2007

Imitation Snow in Adelaide ? Est-ce que c'est vraiment de la neige que nous voyons à Adelaïde ?

The Glenelg Tram which plies between Adelaide's Victoria Square and Glenelg Beach was upgraded recently with new trams from Bombardier Transportation of Berlin.
Here is one of our new trams cooling down in the 'wunderbar' German weather before being shipped to a sunnier clime.
Sadly, they will never see snow again. (Unless we send them back and buy "Alstom" Trams,- a French company that holds the 'Record du Monde de Vitesse sur Rail'.) Alstom is also currently preparing for the world rail speed record attempt in April 2007. Their trainset designed especially for this event, should reach a speed of at least 540 km/h. At that rate we could be in Glelelg in one minute and nine seconds. Que pensez-vous ?


lynn said...

What advantage do trams have over buses trains and cars? I've never been on one, just curious.

Michael said...

M.Benaut...with Bombardier, I'm surprised the trams run at all!

Lynn, the advantage over buses and cars is that the trams are much quieter, more comfortable, and bien sur, more environmentally friendly.

To know more about the state-of-the-art trams, click here.

M.Benaut said...

Talk about fast, you two.
All the more reason to come to the Land Down Under.
I thought I gave you a good plug. We can assume that you will also be aboard the 540 kph train?

Michael said...

Yes, yes you did! Thank you. But I guess it's just in our blood here...whenever we see Alstom mentioned in the same article as one of the competitors, it gets us going!

I don't think I have the courage to be on a test train for that kind of speed. I guess I've seen too many movies!

Eric said...

I was really amazed to see a photo with snow on your blog M. Benaut! Now I understand ;)

I think that Michael is a little biased... ("with Bombardier, I'm surprised the trams run at all!") LOL

Mme Benaut said...

Before he went to sleep, M.B said that I would love his post tonight and he's right! I love the snow and love snow-skiing. I can't wait for the ski season here to see if I can actually do it again after all of the spinal surgeries (3). Aahh ... winter.

Michael and Eric - I've yet to experience the TGV but am looking forward to it and will also be very interested to hear the results of the speed test.

Lynn, today's trams are so different to the old rattler that I took to school when I was 5 years old. (a very long time ago). I confess that I haven't ridden a tram since the early '80's - so easy is it to simply hop into the car these days.

Anyway, in Aldgate, 2.22 am, it is still about 32 degrees Celsius and I'm finding it too hot to sleep. I've watered the garden twice and the cats have had an extra supper. I'm also excited about my holiday starting tomorrow with a flight to Sydney at 9.30 am to spend a few days with my darling friend, Marie before heading off to the Sunshine Coast, Alexandra Headland to be precise, in Queensland (more hot weather) for my mother's birthday. Please look after M.B while I'm away and don't forget to remind him to feed the cats!!
xxxx A bientot in about a week

lynn said...

I won't forget, Mme! You and your mummy have a great time together. That was a very moving comment you left at
thanks for joining in.

Michael said...

Hey, I just received a Google Alert for Alstom and your blog pops up! How cool is that?!

clo. said...

M.Benaut When did you move to Germany? You and Madame must have been quite bored in sunny Adelaide.

M.Benaut said...

Later this year, in Paris, we will organize the disposal of all these Bombers and replace them with your superior trams. We shall supervise the contract and the delivery. This will necessitate visiting the factory and also inspecting the TGV. Adelaide should have had Alstom trams in the first place. We will then provide all the other Australian cities with Alstom trams to follow suit.
Our motto is "No job too large or too small"!
I am pleased to see the Google alert; the first catalyst to getting the job done, Monsieur.

When we visit my son in München, in September, I will take the photo that you have already seen. Hope that makes sense. We Australians, sometimes get a bit ahead of ourselves.

lynn said...

Feed those cats, M. Benaut! he he

freelancer said...

Alstom, I know :) It's the same compagny which built the tram of Bordeaux

Michael said...

Exactly Freelancer! Do you live there?

M. Benault...You're Hired!

M.Benaut said...

Now, the cats are fed, I have a new job in Paris, (selling Alstom Trams to Australian cities), you should all now visit Freelancer in Bordeaux, there is far less snow, there. !!!