Friday, 2 March 2007

Adelaide, the City of Statues.

Adelaide has it's fair share of Statues, everywhere. Recently dear old Queen Victoria had a thorough cut and polish. Now the city fathers are tackling the World War 1 horseman. This statue sits outside the gates of Government House, on the right. Parliament House can be seen to the left. When they complete the task, I'll show you the results.


lynn said...

Looks huge. Look forward to seeing those results. Lots of men at work there i presume too...

M.Benaut said...

Hard to tell, Lynn. I thought polishing was a girlie job !!! (J.J.) & (T.I.C.)
When you arrive in Adelaide soon, We shall inspect and assess the results.

Utsav said...

Interesting. Must be a beautiful statue. Do show us the results.

freelancer said...

Thanks for the comment.
In Bordeaux also the monuments are restored.

lynn said...

ooh i SO wish! Girlie job indeed...tsk.

M.Benaut said...

Put it on your list. (And,,, the South Australian Police force is recruiting English chappies. We have nearly 100 of them now, - and they speak BEEEEEAUTIFUL English). It's been a bit warm today, only 38. Most sensible Adelaideians would be sitting on a beach right now with their fish and chips et une petite boisson. Pas moi! I am doing this.
Girlie jobs,,,,,, HMMMM, sorry,,, J Joking, but thanks for the bite !!
You bet, Monsieur. I will remember !
J'aimerais voir le Bordeaux. Peut-être nous vous rendrons visite en septembre. That would be a lot of good fun, Monsieur.