Monday, 12 March 2007

Fermez la Bouche, à Adelaïde.

Today we celebrated for Eric of Paris Daily Photo and the second anniversary of his wonderful Photoblog.

Aujourd'hui est l'un des jours les plus importants pour M. Tenin de Paris Daily Photo; et Mme. Benaut et moi.
Pour Eric, c'est son deuxième anniversaire de PDP. Aussi, pour nous, c'est notre troisième anniversaire de mariage.
Ce soir, Madame et moi "ont frappé la ville" pour célébrer cette occasion la plus propice. Nous avons jeté en bas d'un certain poulet mort* et de quelques grands verres de bière et de vin, dans la meilleure tradition française.
À Eric, nous vous souhaitons un anniversaire très heureux et "fermons toujours la bouche quand nous mangons ! ! !"


Monica said...

Oh! So Happy Anniversary for M&Mme.Benaut!!!

This a very good date with all the celebrations and all! Congrats!

alice said...

Excellent! Bon anniversaire et...bon appétit!

isabella said...

Bon anniversaire M&Mme.Benaut!

I will jeter a glass of wine in your honor!

Ame said...

Well there's the handsome/beautiful Ozzie couple--WOOHOOOOOOO!

Nothing like a man & woman with their mouths open simultaneously! LOL!

Great shot...I'm sure Eric will be pleased that you enjoyed yourselves in his honor!!!

YUM!!!!!!!! Making me hungry! Just what WERE you munching on? And MB, I think you iced tea has just a wee too much head on it! I'm behaving! ;)

Have an awesome week!

Utsav said...

Congratulations, M and Mme Benaut!! So we finally get to see pictures of you- and you two look fab! And ooh that plate looks tempting. Glad you had a blast.

lynn said...

ooh happy 3rd, M et Mme! Lovely time you had! Thanks for telling me about Eric.

Eric said...

Yeah Yeah, I see, any excuse to eat a poulet frites et boire du vin!!! LOL.

I'm so happy to see you both. And happy to hear it's your 3ème anniversaire de mariage. Joyeux anniversaire.


M.Benaut said...

Thank you, all, for your most kind sentiments, none of which would have been possible without Eric and his skills. I wish you all a very bon weekend.

Mme Benaut said...

Merci beaucoup everyone. Hardly the most flattering of photos but they give you a glimpse of one of our local pubs, the Stirling Hotel and the very, very casual atmosphere when sitting outside to eat. After a blistering summer, we had a coolish evening with light drizzle of rain. Hallelujah!

freelancer said...

funny shot !

Bon appétit !

Dsole said...

oui, très drole!!
Congratulations from Madrid!
And nice post, you make me smile! ;)

Nathalie said...

Outrageous and very funny!

Bleeding Orange said...

Bon anniversaire de mariage alors M. et Mme Benaut !
Vous avez l'air de bien vous amuser sur ces photos. Bon appétit !

lynn said...

Come on then where's that hideously messy desk? I can't wait.

Monica said...

I forgot to mention the obvious: you two look very cute! :-)

Mme Benaut said...

Thank you Monica. Inevitable really, given that we are only teenagers! LOL xxoo

M.Benaut said...

Você dito algum muito agradável palavra.
Eu agradeç você.
Portuguese est difícil fal. !!!!!!!!!

Ame said...

Well blow me down!

It was only thru reading everyone's comments (it all really looked like FRENCH to MOI...PROMISE!) that I realized I missed a very important...


How many? Only 3? Lightweights! Hope you enjoyed! LOL!
;) xo

M.Benaut said...

Thanks Monica and Ame.
It's been a hoot and we are all laughing and keeping young at heart. These are laughs we knew not, of, before we joined Blogland.
I wonder what tomorrow holds?