Friday, 30 March 2007

Not so funny, fun and games on Adelaide's Hills Freeway.

Adelaide has only one freeway, the South Eastern Freeway, that connects the city with the Adelaide Hills. It replaces the old and winding Mount Barker Road where all interstate traffic would travel. This freeway has considerably steep grades and the downhill run from Crafers to the city outskirts often sees trucks and semi trailers running out of brakes on this descent.
When that happens, as it did today, a truck will hit one of these Arrestor Beds at anything up to 150 kilometres per hour.
This is what pulls them up and saves the life of both the driver and the rest of the motoring public, - round water-washed stones !!!


dive said...

I'm a bloke, so I love big trucks and stuff.
Hey! Can you confirm or deny a rumour I heard about Australia?
Do you have grader racing down there?
You know, graders; those HUGE monster road construction vehicles? Someone told me you guys race them round the outback. Now THAT I would love to see.

M.Benaut said...

Howdy, cobber,
I'm sure we do and I would love to find out, like yourself.
I'll check this out with Dick, in Sydney. He knows everything.
I tried a google search, but came up with 3/8 of 4/5 of FA. If there's a race coming up soon we had better get there and back a winner.
I'll let you know how it pans out.
No worries mate.

lynn said...

We have some around here, too M.B. I like your name 'arrestor beds' - we call them escape banks i think. Bit more alarming, isn't it! Ours don't have the luxurious amount of sand that yours do though, more like a few pebbles and some broken biscuits.

Ame said...

Hey, we have them here too!

Call 'em "runaway truck ramps!'

Neat shot Clobber!