Friday, 4 January 2008

Ma réflexion

Quelquefois il est agréable de montrer une photo de moi-même, - comme Marie, qui nous a montré une photo d'elle-même chez le Cathédrale de Maguelonne. Cette photo a été prise à la résidence de Marie en Australie. Je suis sûr que Marie aimerait Marie.

My reflection
Sometimes it is nice to show a photo of one's self, just like Marie, who showed us a photo of herself at the Cathédrale de Maguelonne.
This photo was taken at the residence of Marie in Australia. I am sure that Marie would love Marie.


Monica said...

Cheers M&Mme.Benaut!

How´s the new granddaughter?

I passed by here during Xmas and New Year´s eve to wish you all the best, hope you saw my little note!

claude said...

Quelle belle et gentille réflexion, m.Benaut !

dive said...

When I blow that up it looks like the ghost of Monsieur B has returned to fiddle with a patio heater.
A strange thing to haunt but I suppose it would at least keep a spirit warm.

Jules said...

Wow - what a fantastic house - is this in Sydney??? Did you design this????

Anonymous said...

Jules, this is the house of my friends Marie and Gary. M.B didn't design this one but a very talented architect did. It is on the north shore overlooking Beauty Point. You can see the water in the reflection. I'm certain that M.B will show you a photo of that particular water course (just through the Spit Bridge) in due course!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Monica - lovely to see you here again and Happy New Year to you too dear. Of course we saw your note. We see all notes! Hope that Brazil is treating you well. Come to visit us on your next trip.