Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Nous avons des manières de table excellentes en Australie.

À Adelaïde, nous utilisons des baguettes pour manger le gâteau d'anniversaire.
Naturellement, les gens d'autres pays utilisent leurs doigts, - et le Français, ils utilisent une fourchette?
We have excellent table manners in Australia.
In Adelaide, we utilize chopsticks to eat birthday cake.
Naturally, people from other countries use their fingers, - and the French use a fork?


Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

We use a fork! Chopsticks, why??

Can't see your pic unfortunately though.

There's a Meme awaiting your nicking at Things.

dive said...

Gosh that looks good!

Sorry, Lynn, but I use chopsticks all the while. Forks are instruments of the devil.

Marie said...

The food seems so good.... Où êtes-vous passé, M. et Mme Benaut?

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Now i can see it looks delish.
Dive how interesting. I use chopsticks for Chinese. lol.

Jules said...

Chopsticks for cake seem like a great weight-watcher's trick!!!

Was it your birthday M B????

M.Benaut said...

Chères amies (et Dive), c'est le moment pour la confession !
Yes, it was my birthday and this was the City Zen Chinese Restaurant in King William Street.
Sometimes one gets caught out, using a photo from stock !
Je suis désolé

Terroni said...

It looks like there is some delicious seafood on that table.

Anonymous said...

Scallops I think, in the photo Terroni. We had delicious crayfish for dinner on Monday night - very spoiled we were.

Maria said...

We use forks here on the prairie. Liv and Bing are adept with chopsticks. Me? I just end up with food in my lap.

claude said...

Quel beau repas. Alors, moi j'ai déjà mangé vietnamien avec des baguettes, (c'est un coup à prendre), avec les doigts, ce n'est pas trop propore,en tant que bonne française, je préfère effectivement la fourchette !

Karen said...

I must try eating cake with chopsticks. Perhaps I won't eat as much that way.

Michael Salone said...

And yes, based on the horoscope reading over at Cheltenham, we know that Geminis' birthdays are not in January. You would have been caught out anyway.

So now about those chopsticks...had you been celebrating a bit too much and got confused?

In France, yes, we do use a fork. You should try it sometime...quite handy.