Saturday, 5 January 2008

Un bouteur dans le cinéma

C'est un cinéma dans Rue Hindley qu'il devient démoli.
Il y a beaucoup de nouveau développement en ville à l'heure actuelle. Cependant, la température sera 40° chez Adelaïde, aujourd'hui. Je pense que les ouvriers auront un jour de congé ?
Bulldozers in the Cinema
This is a cinema in Hindley Street that's being demolished.
There is much new development in town at the moment, but as the temperature will be 40° in Adelaide, today, I think that the workers will have a day off?


Maria said...

40 is balmy.

Anonymous said...

Yes Maria, but do you mean "barmy" as in ridiculous? We have dry heat here so it's not balmy. It's hot all right but I just went for a walk to the letterbox and in the shade of the Pin Oak trees on our driveway, it's quite cool. I've also just been watching the tiny finches taking turns drinking and bathing in their water bath, in the shade of a very tall Camelia Sasanqua tree in our courtyard area. They seem to be having so much fun, splashing about in the water. The cats are mostly inside, just laying about and sleeping. I've had the airconditioner on too - a rare event; most people forget that trees are nature's airconditioners.
My stepmother just told me on the phone that when she was a child, they regularly had temperatures in the country of 112 degrees fahrenheit in the summer and amazingly, they all survived! We had 43 degrees last summer and as February is usually our hottest month we can expect to get some of those days soon. Despite the heat and some water restrictions imposed by the Government, the garden looks lovely and the Gourmet Delight (dwarf variety) french beans that I'm growing are thriving.

As for the photo - I think that the demolished theatre was the place where my mother took me to see "The Sound of Music".

claude said...

C'est triste les vieux cinémas qui disparaissent. 40° dis-tu ! C'est beaucoup trop chaud pour travailler !

Karen said...

Those poor workers in this heat. I thought after it had reached a certain temperature work is stopped for the day.

M.Benaut said...

Claude, il a fait 42°C aujourd'hui, ou 108°F.
Chez Port Augusta il a fait 45°C : 113°F.

Gypsy, I hope you have air-conditioning. Sometimes the garden hose is good too !!

Jules said...

The day of my 21st birthday in Roma Western Queensland, a few years ago now - it was 115" at 4 pm and still 95" at 5 am when we all got home!!!!

Good weather for drinking!!!