Friday, 11 January 2008

Une porte lumineuse et jaune

Aujourd'hui, je crois que je dois vous montrer des photos de cela auquel les maisons d'Adelaide ressemblent.
Vous avez tous vu certaines des photos que j'ai prises à chez moi. Cette résidence a été construite dans la banlieue des "Toorak Gardens", à environ 2 kilomètres du centre commercial de la ville. Je pense qu'elle a un équilibre gentil.

A Bright Yellow Door
Today I think that I must show you what Adelaide houses look like.
You have all seen some of the photos that I have taken at chez moi.
This residence is built in the suburb of "Toorak Gardens", about 2 kilometres from the commercial centre of the city.


Jules said...

Love the door and the Mr Squiggle trail at the top!!!

Happy days!!!

dive said...

Boy oh boy, concealed parapet gutters are big trouble; that sucker's going to leak like a sieve in a few years. And using downpipes as an architectural feature is always a disaster. Which is a shame, because the rest of the building is okay.
We architects can be so bitchy.

Anonymous said...

Bitchy yes but indispensable! I love the arch over the front door and the yellow is gorgeous. I like the gate posts too and the letterbox. I'm not fond of that colour brick though but so many of Adelaide houses are built using it. Cream brick was a feature of the 1970's but seems to be less used today. In Sydney the bricks are all a very dark brown. Our own cottage has bricks of a lovely rich red colour.