Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Il n'y avait aucune coutellerie en argent aujourd'hui

Quand il approche la période du déjeuner, nos policiers aiment se tenir sur des morceaux de feux de circulation cassés et les dames notent leurs commandes de déjeuner. Je vous montrerai la situation opposée dès qu'il sera possible !
There was no silver cutlery today.
When it's approaching lunchtime, our policemen like to stand on pieces of broken traffic light poles while the girl policemen scribble down the lunch orders. I will try to photo the reverse situation as soon as circumstances permit !


Anonymous said...

We would call her a car hop here. One who waits on cars and delivers the food.

dive said...

Truncheon meat sarnies all round?

Jules said...

I love how you see a normal sight and turn it into something clever and funny!!!