Saturday, 15 September 2007

L'entropie du bateau, "Sir Wallace Bruce" - et des abeilles de Liguria

Ici, à la petite ville de American River, est le vieux bateau de police appelé le "Sir Wallace Bruce". (Sir Wallace était le maire d'Adelaïde de 1925 - 1927). Aujourd'hui il se repose tranquillement dans l'eau placide et est utilisé comme une résidence permanente pour un homme et un chien ! Même le chien se rouille.

En plus : -
Ces abeilles de Ligurie sur l'île Kangourou étaient importé au cours des années 1880 et sont crus être le dernier stock pur restant de cette abeille trouvée n'importe où dans le monde.
Cette abeille a été appelée pour son origine dans les Alpes Ligurian aux jours de l'Empire romain où il a été loué pour sa docilité et productivité. Je dois dire que leur miel est le plus délicieux.

The Entropy of the "Sir Wallace Bruce" - and Honey Bees

Here, at American River, is the former police launch, the "Sir Wallace Bruce". (Sir Wallace was Lord Mayor of Adelaide from 1925 - 1927). Today it sits quietly in these still waters and is used as a permanent residence for one man and a dog! Even the dog is rusting.

On the other hand:-
The Ligurian bees on Kangaroo Island were imported In the early 1880's and are believed to be the last remaining pure stock of this bee found anywhere in the world.
This bee was named for its origin in the Ligurian Alps in the days of the Roman Empire where it was praised for its docility and productivity.


Bergson said...

Il faut laisser les vieux bateaux dans leur élément même s'il rouille un peu car si on les sort de l'eau ils dépérissent

dive said...

Mmmm … Honey.
I like the idea of docile bees and rusty dogs.

Anonymous said...

These honey bees are collecting pollen from the Canola crop in the paddock next door and yes, the honey is indeed delicious. The Honey Shop sells not only honey and honey icecream but also a multitude of beautiful candles and ornaments made of beeswax. I purchased some tiny honeypots with a "Pooh" bear holding on tight to the honeypot- one for William's first birthday on the 19th September so that he can play with it when his mama reads him stories about Tigger and Piglet.

M.Benaut said...

Bonjour M. Dive,
C'est vrai, these bees are not ferocious. In order to take this (and other shots), I walked around amongst these hives and the friendly little bees got caught in my hair.
They were more interested in getting on with their travails and were happy to be brushed out.. They never thought of biting me, which is in the best Aussie tradition.
Aussies never bite anyone unless they demand it; but that's another tale, old son.
Thanks for your virtual visit and we regard en avance, your real visit, whish is becoming loooooong overdue, Monsieur !!!

M.Benaut said...

M. Bergson,
Il serait merveilleux de vous apporter à la large et brune terre. Peut-être vous devriez considérer une telle pensée.
Vous serez toujours bienvenu dans la terre vers le bas dessous au maison de Benaut.

Michael Salone said...

I can't believe that William will be a year old already!! Has it gone by that fast?

Glad to get the bee story after the teaser before. Now, can we have a close-up of the bees or is that too much to ask from the DPers in Adelaide? ;-)