Thursday, 6 September 2007

On peut facilement enseigner les Vietnamiens à parler italien

Lup-N-Le parle maintenant italien fluent parce que nous aimons
autrefois rire en italien, particulièrement le mercredi nuit. Il est
le seul Vietnamien dans le monde entier qui peut parler italien ? ?

One-time war refugee Lup-N-Le serves up a taste of Vietnam that keeps mugs like us coming back for more.
Formerly a fisherman in 1977, Lup hightailed it to Malaysia in a small boat, then after time in a refugee camp, he found shelter in Australia in 1977.
Since 1985 he has been serving authentic Vietnamese fare in the form of cold rolls, hot pots, steamboats, sizzling steak, duck dishes, tasty soups and more.
The prawns with coconut milk and lemongrass are a sweet plate full of prawns in a thick sauce topped with crushed nuts.
The roast duck similarly is a big serve of moist duck pieces, good for big appetites.
This is a place to share food, conversation and good times, without breaking the bank.
Lup-N-Le now speaks fluent Italian, because we love him and his food.


Jules said...

Wow another food post - you must realise how "food motivated" I am at the moment"

Did you know I was going to Vietnam for holidays??? If you did thank you for this post but if you didn't this is very coincidental!

I have taken note of the yummy things and will try them out over there - Gosh I'm hungry thinking about it!!!!

Jules said...

Just read your message for me on yesterday's post. You know i would be tempted to shave it all off to get broadband!!!!

Yes I hope to post fromm Australia if I can work out how to publish from drafts which I haven't manage to work out yet!!!! But in Vietnam I won't be able to so am going to ask someone(?) to do it for me if i can work out to to publish from drafts so i can tell them how to..........

By the way - Are you telling me you speak fluent Italian too!!! How come Mr Lup-N-Le doesn't speak French????

Cheers mon ami

lyliane six said...

Merci por l'explication sur le vegemite!
En France il y a beaucoup de restaurants asiatiques.A Paris il y a tout un quartier chinois dans le XIIIème arrondissement. J'aime beaucoup The prawns with coconut milk. Bon appétit!!

claude said...

Félicitations à Lup-N de parler couramment l'Italien avec un petit accent Vietnamien,je suppose ? Si je comprends bien, il parle Italien et cuisine Vietnamien. Tu peux manger des spaghetti chez lui ?

M.Benaut said...

If you say that Hong Kong noodles look like spahgetti !!!

claude said...

No ! I do not say that ! I want to know if you can eat italian noodles, spaghetti for example ! As he speaks italian, he can serve italian food ! No ?