Friday, 28 September 2007

Des trains (TSV) très sexy et jaune

Aujourd'hui j'ai l'énorme plaisir de vous apporter un calibre standard, Ligne Principale Compacteur et un Régulateur de Lest.
Ces petits monstres réemballent le lest sous les lignes de chemin de fer et règlent les carrossages sur les courbes.
Les étudiants qui prenaient le train à la ville, ont pensé que c'était la partie la plus passionnante de leur jour.

Today I have the enormous pleasure to bring you a standard gauge 'Main Line Tamper and a Ballast Regulator'.
These little monsters repack the ballast under the railway lines and adjust the cambers on the curves.
The students who were taking the train to town, thought that this was the most exciting part of their day.


dive said...

Now you're talking!
I love it when you do "boys' toys" posts, MB.

M.Benaut said...

Ripper, Dive. no worries.
By the way, I am getting closer to finding info on road grader races down under.
Hope to throw some light on the subject in a cupla days.

claude said...

Very interesting this railway lesson with a very yellow train !
"Claude Chérie"....

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Ah, great shot there. Talking of sexy, and i often am, Mme: there's a cheeky little, girly-type question awaiting your opinion, over at mine... ;)

Marie said...

The pohtos are yellow and green like the Wallabies. You are very patriotic-minded, M. Benaut.

I think you can hear excerpts of songs by Nathalie on her website.

Marie said...

The photos, not the pohtos (I have a sore throat, I think it makes my mind a bit blurred).

Michael Salone said...

Now I KNOW you need a new set of trains over there. I'll get working on it right away!