Sunday, 16 September 2007

Le prochain voyage, nous attraperons une certaine orphie

Cette photo montre la "Cove de Noël" (Christmas Cove ) sur l'île Kangourou, et la rampe où on peut lancer le bateau de pêche.
La deuxième photo montre notre destination, à American River; une belle petite plage qui est parfaite pour un pique-nique.
La fois prochaine, j'espère que je peux vous montrer comment nous attrapons l'orphie, et comment nous les faisons cuire.

Next trip, we'll catch some garfish.
This photo shows Christmas Cove on Kangaroo island and the ramp where we launch the fishing boat. The second photo shows our destination, in American River; a beautiful little beach, perfect for a picnic.
Next time, I hope I can show you how we catch garfish, and how we cook them.


Maria said...

Ah...lovely, lovely. And give my regards to your exceptionally wonderful wife....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Maria - so glad that you came by to see us! Hope that you will visit us on a regular basis. xxx Mme

Michael Salone said...

Tell me, are garfish those really long, prehistoric looking things?

M.Benaut said...

Yep, and they are the best, sweetest-tasting fish.
They are caught at night; - small, open boat, generator and floodlight and a large coal shovel !

C'est un bon temps pour arriver ici, Michael.

Michael Salone said...

So is this what a garfish looks like in your part of the world or does it look more LIKE THIS?