Sunday, 9 September 2007

Le Frère du Dragon

Le 8 août, je vous ai montré l'emblème marin officiel de
l'Australie du Sud, le Dragon Feuillu de Mer.
Sur la route vers L' Île de Kangourou sur la Péninsule de Fleurieu,
(et sur la terre sèche), les vies son frère, dans la jolie petite
ville de Yankalilla.

The Dragon's Brother
On 8th August, I showed you South Australia's official marine emblem, The Leafy Sea Dragon.
On the road to Kangaroo Island on Fleurieu Peninsula, (and on the dry land), lives his big brother, in the pretty little town of Yankalilla.


Jules said...

Welcome back m & mm benaut - hope you enjoyed your weekend on Kangaroo - nice spot I have heard!!!

Now this is obviously the rare multi-striped, large-economy sized blonde variety that has difficulty moving and has to attach itself to other creatures passing by.

Now they aren't that bright and this one obviously hasn't realised yet that it is attached to a stationary-trailer as apposed to a moving-trailer!!

Great photo - National Geographic will be interested I'm sure!!!

Good to have you back!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jules - you can expect to see some great K.I. photos here very soon!

dive said...

Wow! That's a cool sea dragon, MB. It's even got wheels!

Bergson said...

C'est un dragon mobile donc beaucoup plus dangereux!!

Anonymous said...

What a great dragon!

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