Thursday, 13 September 2007

La Plage de Pennington, en donnant sur le beau Baie d'Estrées

En 1802, l’explorateur anglais Matthew Flinders nomma ce territoire l’île de « kanguroo », après avoir débarqué près de Kangaroo Head, sur la côte Nord de la péninsule de Dudley.
Il y rencontra l'explorateur français Nicolas Baudin. Malgré l'état de guerre entre la France et l'Angleterre, leur rencontre fut amicale. Nicolas Baudin complèta la cartographie de l’île Kangourou, ce qui explique certains toponymes français comme le Cap de Couedic ou la Ravine des Casoars.
La plus grande ville de l’île Kangourou est Kingscote, établie à son origine à Reeves Point le 27 juillet 1836; elle fut la première colonie européenne d’Australie méridionale.
Aujourd'hui nous visitons la Plage Pennington, en donnant sur beau Baie d'Estrées.

Today we are visiting Pennington Beach, overlooking the beautiful Baie d'Estrées, (Estrees Bay)
Matthew Flinders named Kangaroo Island in 1802 when he 'bumped' into French Capt. Nicolas Baudin.
England and France were at war but neither men knew it. Baudin mapped much of the island, which explains why so many places have French names. You should hear how we Aussies mangle the french pronunciation of these beautiful names !!


Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine where you are and where I am and yet we can reach each other. Kangaroo Island. I never heard of it but the name is familiar.

Irina said...

Oh my, look at the water colour! It's amazing! Looks so unreal when I see this awesome photo sitting in my cold unfriendly city half a way across the planet.

M.Benaut said...

Monsieur le Président,

Kangaroo Island is the 3rd biggest island off the Australian coast and is south of Adelaide, South Australia.
Adelaide is closer to the equator than Memphis Tennessee, (350 miles closer to it than Brookville).
We are also closer to the equator than the whole of Europe Sicily and Crete, and most of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our biggest problem is that we are upside-down; however, we are accustomed to it, and think that you will be upside down too, if you ever come here.
This gives us the Aussie sense of humour which we export to the northern hemisphere.

Americans arriving in Australia are legally required to carry many cameras around their necks at all times, in order to prove to their fellow Americans on their return, that all this is true. They are also required to communicate in exceptionally loud voices, especially in restaurants, just in case we are all too drunk to notice all the cameras.

We only speak (a form of) English in Australia, so that the Yanks can order hamburgers most anywhere. Otherwise we would all speak French.

M.Benaut said...

Я покажу вам изображения в весне

I hope that you will feel a little warmer when I show you my photos of Spring and Summer in Adelaide.

Moscow is so very cold at this moment and your Summer has been very short. i will do my best to make you feel warmer, each day.

Поцелуи от adelaide.

Janet said...

I can't even think of the best word to describe the water! Aquamarine perhaps?

M.Benaut said...

Rambling round,
The water is so clear, you can clearly see dolphins frolicking with the surfers, and sometimes, sharks, too !

Jules said...

Wow - it is so beautiful!!!! You forget how glorious the coastline of Australia is. All it needs is a few palm trees and an esky of bia and it would be perfect!!!!

Bloody 'ell mate - are you havin' a go at us Aussies pronunciation problems -geez mate that's a bit rough hey!!!!

Marie said...

Oh la la c'est trop beau!

Bergson said...

Il semble faire encore beau par chez vous.
Pourtant presque personne sur la plage. L'endroit est il desert?