Saturday, 21 June 2008

Vignoble d'Innes; Littlehampton

Le Pinot Gris 100% est cultivé par David et Annette Innes, à leur vignoble chez Littlehampton dans les collines d'Adelaïde.
Ce vin, appelé Tokay d'Alsace en France, Grauburgunder en Allemagne et le Grigio de Pinot en Italie, a ses origines en France.
C'est devenu une variété fortement considérée autour du monde.
Voici une autre vue, comme hier, pris le jour le plus court de l'année, - (seulement 9h 48m 18s long)
Innes vineyard; Littlehampton.
100% Pinot Gris is grown by David and Annette Innes at their vineyard at Littlehampton in the Adelaide Hills.
This wine, called Tokay d’Alsace in France, Grauburgunder in Germany and Pinot Grigio in Italy, has its origins in France.
It has become a highly regarded variety around the world.
Here is another view, like yesterday, taken on the shortest day of the year; (only 9h 48m 18s long)

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dive said...

Oooh, yummy!
If it were not quarter to seven in the morning here I would crack open a bottle of pinot gris right now!
I can see my wine rack from here (chock full of Aussie wines, unsurprisingly) and my mouth is watering at the thought, Monsieur.

Jules said...

Send me a crate please - stuff the gin!!!!