Sunday, 19 August 2007

Le Marché Central d'Adelaïde

Le Marché Central d'Adelaïde est une attraction touristique importante et un grand marché multiculturel dans le centre commercial dans Adelaïde.
Il vend une large variété de marchandises, en incluant des aliments, des jouets, des bijoux, des petits tapis, des fruits de mer, des articles de gourmet, des épiceries et beaucoup plus. Il a une atmosphère pleine de vie et est un des repères les plus connus d'Adelaïde.
Peut-être cette photo vous rendra affamé ?

The Adelaide Central Market is a major tourist attraction and large multicultural market in the centre of the CBD in Adelaide.
It sells a wide variety of goods, including food, toys, jewellery, rugs, seafood, gourmet items, groceries and much more. It has a vibrant atmosphere and is one of Adelaide's best-known landmarks.
Perhaps this photo makes you hungry?


Jilly said...

Love markets. Such vibrant places - full of life and laughter, not to mention food!

Think I'll move on to the fruit and veggie counter tho!

Jilly said...

Forgot to say ... thanks for commenting on Menton DP the other day - you know I didn't even notice the guy outside McDonald's making that rude sign! Thanks for telling me;)

Marie said...

J'adore la saucisse, miam miam. I love markets in Anglo-Saxon countries . What is funny is Anglo-Saxon people (does that make sense au fait?) like French markets. I like theirs better :-))

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

We have similar places here. I'm never sure whether to trust the food i'm afraid to say - i'm sure it must be fine, really, certainly looks it! Do you buy from here?

M.Benaut said...

Hi Jilly,
Yep, they are truly vibrant and you always bump into poeple that you haven't seen for a squillion years.
The sausages etc. are not Anglo-Saxon, and that's what makes the market; all the produce with a foreign influence and all the foreigners who teach us how to appreciate their fare. (Coming from a long line of Anglo-Saxon Protestants, we grew up on red meat and 3 veg. seven days a week.) When I was 13, I met an Italian who was eating spaghetti for his lunch. I felt so sorry for him to be eating such rubbish. Today we consume more pasta than in all of Italy and we have many times more restaurants per head of population than the bigger Australian cities. Our cost of living is lower also.
The central market in town has the best quality fresh produce, the best prices by far and an atmosphere that is 'olde worlde'. It's top quality and great fun. Most people go early and then eat breakfast on a Sat. morning while watching the world go by. You will hear every language spoken whilst eating one's hokkien noodles. I love to buy deep sea fish at the market, perhaps some Dr. Kikkoman's cleansing Chinese tea, cheese, the variety is endless. I think I'll buy a round-based wok next time and some kangaroo steaks, oyster sauce, garlic and onions. You're all invited to tea next Satdy. night. It might taste like shit (a Paul Hogan expression, meaning superbe,) but, boy we will enjoy ourselves !

Jules said...

Yes m benaut - I am hungry. Having a quick flip around to my fav blogs - you are always the first I visit - before taking the catamaran (in yesterdays blog) over to Pigeon Is for a few dives and lunch.
Wish you all could come for the day!!!
Back to food - i haven't had breakfast yet and those sauages look great!!!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

mmmm yum! Sounds fab. Think my mode of transport might see me getting there in a YEAR next Saturday though.

lyliane six said...

Ce ne sont pas les saucisses qui manquent, quand je vais chez ma soeur en Allemagne!! il y a même des saucisses à bière, que je mange en buvant une Hannen Halt, la bière de Dusseldorf ( il y a de la Foster aussi en France elle est très bonne).